Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4! For me?! Ewwwwww

Tired of glittery heart necklaces and still OD'd on Christmas chocolate?

Try these on for size:

Best Anti-Valentine's Gifts!

If you want to share the antipathy.

Or need to be reassured that even high-minded types lose it in the face of love.

Like art? Any of Roy Lichtenstein's prints would look fabulous on your wall.

But if you're feeling particularly vindictive.
Do you have an anti-Valentine's Day wishlist?


  1. haha those candy hearts are disgusting!

  2. Oh this Mundie Mom loves these!!

  3. This has been a favorite of mine for years. Really gets the message across.
    Display prominently in living room to dispel first date jitters. Really, it's useful all year round!
    (Imagine, for those of us who are married, the looks on the in-laws faces next Thanksgiving!)

  4. Luna - I agree the only decent tasting ones are those made by Sweet Tarts.

    Katarinasmama - Tyvm!!

    Eliza - that is awesome, and what a cool store! I will be visiting it again in the future I"m sure.