Friday, February 12, 2010

2! Romantagonists


Anyone out there like me who when faced with saccharin sweet, gooey love sometimes roots for the baddies?

Anyone? *crickets*

Even if I'm on my own, I'm giving it up for my top Stop-Love-At-All-Costs Villains:

Maleficent. Okay - so admittedly Prince Philip is one of the hottest Disney heroes out there, but how can you not love Maleficent. She is awesome (rumor has it she's getting her own movie. You go girl!)

Brett and Jemaine.Though not villains in the strictest sense, these two are their own worst enemies when it comes to romance. From petty rivalries to wonky habits I don't think a Mrs. Flight of the Conchords is viable.

Wicked Witch (Snow White's Step Mom). This poor lady doesn't even get a name. But how awesome is her box?! I want a box like that. And Snow White is sooooo annoying. I'd give her a poisoned apple too.

I'm Team Edward, but I still like having Jake around. Do I need to say why? Look at the picture.

Adam. He ultimately fails due to Buffy's awesome kick-ass skills, but at least he tried. Because Riley is a doof. A doof I say.

Any thorns between the roses you like to cheer on?


  1. I love to hate Maleficent! I remember seeing that movie when I was a kid and just thinking, Man! That lady just burns me up!

    (And, yes, Prince Philip is the best Disney Prince...right in front of Beast before he changes into the doofy prince)


  2. I often love the villian because they're more textured and flawed. Even if we don't agree with what they're doing (like killing princesses) at least they're doing *something*. Sleeping Beauty sleeps through her own movie. Boring. Snow White is too annoyingly perfect. Ick. The villains are easier to root for because they're trying and showing us something real.

  3. Shelley - Yay for Prince Philip

    MeganRebekah - I agree, villains often have much more interesting character development!

  4. Oh, you picked awesome villains! Love love love the Wicked Queen.

  5. And umm, yes, to Prince Philip. Fits the Hot Boy with Sword category nicely and hey, he defeats a dragon. #waytogodisneyprincedude

  6. OMG Yes, Spike as Sid Vicious = wicked good

  7. I loved Billy Crudup's character in the Watchmen- Ozymandias. I'm a sucker for the wicked smart, totally cool guy. And he was gorgeous with that blonde hair.

    And I'll third that motion for Spike-I love a guy in leather and eyeliner.