Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last day of the first month of 2010! Can you believe it?!

The turning of each month this year leaves me a bit breathless since it means I'm an inch closer to NIGHTSHADE's release date. Woo-hoo!

With February's arrival, it means that our last hard winter month has come up to bat. March may be temperamental, but it still opens the door to spring. The new month also means it's time for another round of Monday Q & A.

I've garnered quite a few new followers since the last Q & A, welcome aboard :), so please don't be shy in lobbing your questions my way.

Here's the way it works. Please leave your questions in the comments section of this post and tomorrow I'll answer them. I will also update the Monday post with questions left in comments both here and there as they come in.

Looking forward to your questions!!

Here's one of my own for which I have no answer: Why does Fox kill all its best shows?

So long Dollhouse *sobs*


  1. It seems so weird that it's already the end of the month. Wasn't it JUST New Year's?

    Here's a question for you: If you could never write anything ever again (and that includes blogging, journaling, etc.), what would you turn to for your creative outlet?

  2. I'm fascinated by the term Canadian Shield. Would you describe what gives it that description and what it was like growing up there?

  3. I want it to be October already! That means I would already have The Hunger Games 3, ang lots more, and I could have Nightshade! Soooo long a wait.

    And I am also very sad about the cancellation of Dollhouse. I loved that show:(

    *If you could only watch one of them for the rest of your life which would it be, Buffy or Supernatural?

    *Because I'm curious- What is your most anticipated 2010 release? Besides Nightshade:)

  4. I was so upset about Dollhouse ending, especially with everything that Joss had planned! That's wonderful that you were also a fan! My Questions are:

    What part of the publishing process was most difficult for you?
    What is it that you feel fuels you to write?
    and last but not least
    What part of your novel did you have the most fun writing?