Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Omen

You know you're working with the right folks when they send you links like this. (Thanks awesome agent Lyndsey.) Lyndsey, the InkWell foreign rights agent tipped me off to the lunar news and also gave me some secret super news, which I'll share when I can.

I've been a moon follower for a long, long time. Considering how frigid and clear the sky is in Minnesota today, we'll be basking in luminescence tonight. Wherever you are tonight, may the first and brightest full moon of the year rain blessings on you and yours.

And when it does, be sure to howl your joy to the heavens. It is the Wolf Moon, after all.


  1. i will be attending a full moon circle tomarrow =)
    the wolf moon is great for trying to find new love as well. (magnetite works with the wolf moon i think too. its a small flat black shiny stone)
    rambling! sorry! have great night

  2. Very cool! I saw the news and thought of you...

  3. I saw it beautifully from the beach yesterday and today I'm seeing it inland. Awesome.

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