Monday, January 25, 2010

Hibernation is a Better Option

Our brief January thaw (read 30s and streets full of dirt-flavored slushees) departed, leaving us to stare down a slow-moving, mega-cold front which will gift us with a high of 9 degrees on Wednesday.

The anticipation is horrid. Unlike in that movie, The Day After Tomorrow, cold doesn't roar and chase you.

You can't run away. Nope - that real, terrible chill that makes your lungs ache with each breath moves at a slow, yet unrelenting pace. It creeps up, its weight creaking on each step like the killer heading for your bedroom in a horror flick. But there's nothing you can do - the only exit (a plane to Hawaii) is downstairs (not an option unless I want to get fired).

The only viable reaction: burrow under your covers, squeeze your eyes shut, and hope it goes away. Knowing it's coming, that something monstrous is about to slide through your door, casting a long, ominous shadow, sealing your doom.

I hate this part of the winter. So. Much. (Though I think I'd cope if I could hide out in the New York Public Library with Jake Gyllenhal.)


  1. At least the days are getting longer. I must admit, February is the dreariest month for me. Thank goodness it's only 28 days long.

  2. Creepy photo! Yes, I cannot wait for April, when the temps finally get above freezing.

  3. Thanks, guys, it's nice to know I'm not suffering alone.

  4. Thank goodness for heaters, coffee and warm showers lol.

  5. muwahha i live in Florida it gets to abvout 20 maby on really cold days, but yah thats still cold. im SO glad i moved from NY.

    just wear tons of socks and layers and bring tea bags with you.. everywhere, all the time..

  6. Yesterday, I realized that I'm ready for summer. Which is pitiful, since it's not even February yet.