Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10 Things I Learned in New York

10. Manhattan (sorry, San Francisco - if it helps, you came in 2nd) remains my favorite place to eat. They have everything and it is all so frickin' delicious.

9. The Algonquin has a luggage cat. Her name is Matilda and the only time I saw her leave the baggage cart was to leap on top of a suitcase and settle into her newly selected perch.
8. The New York Public Library is research heaven. I saw this exhibit while I was there.

7. West Side Story on Broadway was amazing, but I liked watching ice skaters in Bryant Park even better.My favorite moment: witnessing a man in a business suit skate around with his son, who looked about 8 and was sporting a Rangers jersey.

6. The Philomel offices at Penguin Young Readers Group have a brilliant view. (Like this, but a bit further away)
5. My editor is Carrie Bradshaw. (No joke, Editor Jill arrived to meet us in the lobby and I did a double take). I think if I lived in Manhattan she would be my BFF (see #4).
4. Next time I visit I will take trapeze lessons - the school is one more cool place you can see from the Philomel offices. (See #5, she promised we'd go!)

3. As I suspected, everyone at InkWell and Penguin dresses oh-so-stylishly (I hope they liked my outfit).Though garbed like fashionistas, everyone I met was really, really nice and super, super fun. And I happily discovered at InkWell - though I had guessed it would be so - Agent Richard is even more impressive and wonderful in person as he is on the phone and Agent Charlie would be my other BFF if I lived in New York. (More comics' chat soon, Charlie!)

2. I have the most talented, wonderful collection of people working on Nightshade. Thank you so much for an incredible visit!! I can't wait to see you again :)1. Going away for a week is much nicer when you have a wonderful husband and two ecstatic dogs welcoming you back. Even if the dogs took over the bed while you were gone. It's nice to be home.


  1. I didn't know you had a pug! I had one growing up and she was my baby. I miss her.

    So glad you had a fabulous New York trip!

    I was trying to think of something else to write, but I'm still just seething and trying to figure out a way I can get a sneak peek at your cover...so far my only viable options revolve around corporate espionage and repelling. So, yeah, probably better keep thinking.

  2. I'm so excited for you and love hearing about your adventures here. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

  3. Kiersten: The pug is Rocco and the border collie is Gwyn and they are my babies :) I have a board of the cover now and spend much of my time staring at it...

    Caroline - so glad you enjoy my stories!!

  4. Glad your NYC trip was awesome. And you're right, Manhattan does have INCREDIBLE food. :)

  5. Stephanie - I know! I'm so glad I walk everywhere while I visit otherwise they'd be rolling me onto the plane home.

  6. For someone who lost her camera, you have shared some great images with your wonderful words. What a fabulous trip. I am soooo happy for you.

  7. NY is the greatest!! I need a fix. Surely I can come up with an excuse to go. Surely!!

    Glad you had such a great trip!


  8. Two weeks from today I'm on a plane to NYC! You have to give me fashion advice. Don't want stand in the middle of my editor's office looking like a California geek. O_O

    I'm glad your trip turned out to be as great as you hoped it would be! Yay!

  9. Man, I have a love/hate relationship with NY. I love the access to EVERYTHING the world has to offer, I hate the crowds. Sounds like you had a great trip!

  10. Andrea, so happy you had a good trip! And how cool that Carrie is your editor!! She must be getting excited about the movie release. :)

  11. At least we're second here in SF. Whew!

  12. Welcome back. I'm glad the exeperience was awesome with Inkwell/Penguin. I hope mine is as positive when I get published some day.

    For the record, I would also much rather watch a bunch of newbie ice skaters at a park, then West Side Story on Broadway. :)

  13. Great post! I agree there is nowhere that is more enjoyable when it comes to food. So much to choose from! Grats on the trip!

  14. I love New York. Love the news from there and in particular, the view from a window.

  15. Hmmm, the TSNY has a Los Angeles location. I'd love to try that out...