Wednesday, July 25, 2012


On August 7 RIFT will be in stores! I can't wait for readers to dive into this new tale. In anticipation of the book's release here are some answers to frequent questions I've been getting about the book:

What is RIFT about?

RIFT reveals the origins of the Witches War - the conflict in which Calla and her pack are fighting in the Nightshade trilogy. RIFT follows the story of Ember Morrow, a sixteen-year-old girl who is drawn into the dangerous world of the secret order known as Conatus.

Will the characters from Nightshade appear in RIFT? 

The Witches War began in 15th century in Europe, so unless Calla happens upon a time machine while running through the Colorado wilderness (spoiler: she doesn't) RIFT features a new cast of characters with one exception - and I don't want to give away who that is!

Do I have to read the Nightshade trilogy to understand or enjoy RIFT? 

Not at all, though I hope you will check out the original Nightshade books! RIFT functions as a stand-alone novel that complements, but doesn't rely on the events of Nightshade. For those readers who are already fans of Nightshade, RIFT and RISE (January 2013) will answer many questions about the war, magic, and history of Calla's world. Check out this review from Mundie Moms to see why they think RIFT hits the mark!

Can I get my copy of RIFT (and the other Nightshade books) signed?

The book launch for RIFT will be at Books of Wonder and they're offering some awesome deals on pre-ordered signed books. Check out their site to learn how to get your own signed copies!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Tonight! 7 p.m.! I'll be with some amazing authors (Beth Revis, Marie Lu, Jackson Pearce, Rosemary Clement-Moore) at the Irving Public Library. Hope to see you there!