Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Apples, Penguins, and Other Excitement

Thanks so much for the great questions in yesterday's Q&A. I had so much fun and I hope you did too! If you came up with a question that you didn't ask, have no fear. I'll host another Q&A on random Monday next month.

Tomorrow I will be in New York. I'm so excited I have a bad feeling that I won't sleep tonight because I'll be too wired about the trip.

I love New York. On my first trip at age 16, the city stole my heart. I try to visit once a year both to see friends and to spend time in the city itself. My favorite thing to do in Manhattan - just walk. Streets filled with people, shops, restaurants, the distinct character of each neighborhood. Manhattan is a feast for the sense.

Though I'm happy for any excuse to visit, this trip is particularly special. It's the first time I'll meet my agents at InkWell and my editor and publisher at Penguin. I've been practicing my 'calm' voice because I'm worried as soon as I see them I'll throw myself into their arms shrieking, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" And then they will run away, which wouldn't bode well for my future as a writer.

Sadly I won't have a camera with which to document my trip, but I'll keep you updated via blog posts sans photos. Since I won't have a photo or video guide to share, just assume it will be something like this:


  1. Have a safe and fun trip to NY. I'd love to go there someday. It's on my bucket list :)

  2. Ha! Love that video. It's so funny to see suave Frank as a tourist geek. The enthusiasm is how I feel when there. I just love to inhale the city (well not the fumes and garbage) and, if I could, I'd dance through the streets. So that's how I'll picture you, dancing--and the agents and editors will join you. Have a fabulous trip.
    PS: Get an uber-cellphone like mine so you can snap shots anytime, anywhere.

  3. Definitely worth a visit, Void I hope you make it there well before the bucket!

    Thanks, Tricia. My phone can take pictures, but I'm not sure if I can transfer them to my computer. Will investigate...

  4. Enjoy the trip!

    *grumbles* Can't believe I missed question and answer time. Bad Carrie. No biscuit.

  5. Thanks, Lisa!

    Don't worry, Carrie, we'll have Q&A again :)