Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm terrible at waiting. Patience is a virtue I lack. So as you can imagine waiting for my book's release in October is hard. Very hard. I feel guilty in saying this because in the world of publishing my book sale and release happened incredibly fast. But the waiting is still hard.

Spring chides me for this impatience.

I'm a goal-oriented person. I work fast and obsessively, which is good because it means I accomplish a lot quickly. But there's a price to be paid for being oriented always toward the horizon.

It's too easy to miss what's happening in the moment.

Unlike most years where dirty slush gives way to sudden hot weather, Minnesota is experiencing a phenomenon: spring. We're finally getting a taste of this elusive season.

Spring is precious because of its rarity and brevity. The earth and air crackle with energy as slumbering plants burst to life. I can't help but pause, enjoying each moment that leaves unfurl and flowers peek out of the dark soil.

Some of my favorite blooms appear, ever so briefly, in this season:

the unassuming grace of lily of the valleythe intoxicating perfume of lilac
the sweetness of tulips
the tender petals of narcissa
the joyful scent of apple blossoms

I'm trying my hardest to remember to pay attention and enjoy them because I know sooner than I imagine the fleeting beauty of spring flowers will give way to the lush riot of summer blossoms. Infant leaves of sparkling green will mature to rich emeralds by June.

Spring is a gift. No matter what I'm waiting for, I don't want to miss this season.


  1. You are so my twin. Narcissi are my favorite flowers, no matter how unmasculine that sounds, let alone that I have a favorite flower... Can't wait for Nightshade, either!

  2. My childhood home had lilac bushes. While they were in bloom, I'd keep bunches in a jar on my dresser. One of my favorite scents in the world.

    Here's to enjoying the moment! Hang in there.

  3. Thanks, Liam! They really are such lovely flowers :)

    Caroline - I wish I could always have lilacs in bloom. That scent is so wonderful.

  4. That so sucks that you miss out on Spring. It's my absolute favourite season as here the Summers are boiling and Winter is like anywhere - cold. Those lilies are gorgeous!

  5. Flowers, lots of pretty flowers! Thanks for the peek at your spring. It is lovely indeed. I like to think Nature is giving you a bouquet for all your hard work and long winter. :D

  6. Beautiful pictures! The lily of the valley is my favorite. No sweeter scent can be found on Earth. I need to go dig up some of my mom's and transplant them down here at my humble abode! And thanks for reminding us to live in the moment. As my mother would say, don't wish your life away. Great post!!

  7. I've never actually thought of the authors POV in waiting for their book to be released, i only know it sucks to wait as a reader, i always want my book fix NOW, Patience? what is this foreign word you speak LOL

    I hope October arrives quickly for you (and for me since i want to read Nightshade HA!)

    Lovely flowers, i love Lilacs. And simply stunning book cover, it's so eye catching :)

  8. Sparklybearsy - The waiting is hard on both sides of the book :) Thanks for the cover love!!

  9. Oh, the flowers are so beautiful! I know exactly what you mean about the lack of patience, but with such beautiful things to keep you company, the wait isn't so unbearable. Right? :)
    Love, Hannah

    P.s. One beautiful thing is the cover of your book! Talk about gorgeous!

  10. Thanks, Hannah! The beautiful things definitely help. And thanks so much for your kind words about the cover - it's a beautiful thing that helps with the waiting too ;)