Thursday, April 1, 2010

Haiku FTW!

You guys really outdid yourselves with the first annual PARANORMAL HAIKU contest. I've had so much fun reading all the entries. I've also been left with quite the knot in my belly trying to pick winners. Angst! Angst!

Here's how it's going down. I've selected my top three entries in the following categories:

Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best NIGHTSHADE relevance

+ Stephanie's incredible array of Buffy haiku gets her name in the hat. My personal faves:
Death? Survived it twice.
I'm Buffy. You're History!
Hellmouth? N.B.D.

She even incorporated a Spike quote:
Going out to eat
Vampires never dine alone
Happy Meals with legs


Best Drama:

A night bird twittered
at the window, tapped the sill.
A chirp then a claw.

Airplane disappears
The Bermuda Triangle
Doesn't leave a trace

leaves fall from the trees
and make rainbows on the ground
for me to walk on

Best Comedy:

KD Bryan
There's a poltergeist
Living in my upstairs bath
Shower's always cold.

Pirate etiquette
Yar, before argh scallywag
or else walk the plank

Zombies can eat brain
I wish I was a zombie
Instead I eat cake

Best NIGHTSHADE relevance: (I picked four here, since Lynsey's name will already be in for best drama)

heads thrown back, ears flat,
wolves howled the moon loose from its
mooring in the trees

There will be a war
and i will lead from the front,
yellow eyes burning

Sara M
Invading my dreams
Hiding in the shadows, my
demons never leave

"I will find you, girl"
Menacing demons whisper
Oh wait, that's my mom
*This haiku is relevant to NIGHTSHADE because it's exactly the kind of joke Calla would make about her mother

Now we have our very own Sorting Hat.

Of these 10 I have drawn 1 random name!

Congratulations, KD Bryan! Email your address to andreacremerwrites (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll send an ARC to you!

Watch the blog for many more chances to win a signed ARc - and in ways other than writing haiku - prior to the October 19 release date. Thanks so much for your entries!

Before signing off I need to give a shout out to a lifelong best friend whose haiku really put me in stitches! Honorable Mention and Happy Birthday to:

No pet unicorn,
for the millionth and last time.
He will poke someone’s eye out.

My sandwich is gone!
From the huge footprints I’d guess
the sasquatch got it.

Broken lawnmower
is making me money from
crop circle tourists.


  1. As far as I'm concerned, being a finalist in the drama category makes me a winner! I'm bummed I didn't snag one of your arcs but, by golly, I'll be back!!

    Thanks again, Andrea, for giving me a reason to sharpen my haiku claws.

  2. Yay! My haiku is relevant (but, sob, no ARC).
    Congratulations KD, enjoy! Thanks for the fun contest, Andrea. The entries were all fun to read.

  3. Thank you for the multiple opportunities to win Andrea!! I really enjoyed learning about Haiku in the end and you taught me something - at first I shyed away because I thought I couldn't do it but then it became fun and I enjoyed it! I too enjoyed reading all the entries. I'm disappointed I didn't get a copy of your book but I'm really happy for the winner - congrats KD!!!! Enjoy!!!!

    Am hoping you will have more contests so I can try again :) I'm so buying your book anyway when the release date comes around!

  4. Oh I've just realised something really important and just like me, a) it's an after thought and so b) I didn't mention it in my previous post...

    If I got two nominations, maybe I am a good writer? LOL I know, it's stupid but the very small justification of being nominated twice makes me happy *blush*

  5. Thanks you guys. And yes, there will be more contests!

    Lynsey - You ARE a good writer, your haikus were wonderful :)

  6. OMG *copy screen, put as background* I'm so printing this out and putting it on the fridge for encouragement! Thanks Andrea, you just made my day :)

    And bring on the contests, I'm ready!!

  7. AH.... Sooooooo close. Congrats to the winner. Next one's mine for sure :P

  8. Aw, cool my haiku was relevant!
    Better luck next time, maybe? Anyway, congrats! They all were awesome haikus.
    Love, Hannah

  9. Wow, thanks! I'm flattered I was even nominated, much less that I won! Everybody's entries were great and I was in really terrific company.

    Thanks, Andrea!

  10. Congrats, K.D. Your ARC is heading out in today's mail!!!