Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Today & To Be Contest

Six months from today Nightshade hits bookshelves!! So in a way it's Nightshade's -6th months birthday! No matter how I look at it, the six month countdown feels like a milestone. I can't wait 'til October!

Today, however, is another, actual birthday. April 19 is my mom's birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

I have a wonderful mom to whom I am very close. I am greatly indebted to my mom for instilling of a love of literature in me. I have innumerable happy memories of being read to when I was small. My favorite read aloud books that my mom read to me and my brother are The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Dark is Rising series.

My mom is a giver. She's more of a giver than anyone else I know, which makes her perfect for her profession. She's a music teacher. She directs the high school choirs in Ashland, including show choir. Go Glee!

So my love of music is a gift from my mom too. Thanks Mom!

To enter this contest all you have to do is send my mom (Mrs. Robertson) happy birthday wishes in the comments of this blog post.

If you want your name to be entered into the drawing TWICE - leave the happy birthday message and a brief note about why music is important to you :)

I'm taking entries until midnight! Tomorrow I'll draw a random name for the winner of a signed Nightshade ARC!


  1. Oh that's wonderful! Happy 6-months-to-release-day Calla and...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. ROBERTSON!!! I hope you have an amazing day! :]

    Why is music important? It captures moods in ways other modes of art can only dream of. For those wishing to express themselves in a certain fashion, music is the perfect way. It has the capacity to make us love, hate, laugh, and cry. It helps us through both good times and the times we wish would never, ever happen.

    Human beings who have musical talent really are gifted. Sharing that skill is a gift to all the people who are fortunate enough to hear it.

  2. Happy Bday Mrs. Robertson! I bet you are really proud of Andrea =)

    I'm always listenning to music, sometimes it's just for the beat, but some song lyrics really hit home. I really like Katy Perry's Thinking of you.

    Thanks for the giveaway Andrea! You know I can't wait to read Nightshade =D


  3. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Robertson! Hope all your wishes come true. <3

    Music is important to me because it's a way of expression. To be able to listen to someone sing about what I feel allows me to feel less alone in the world. :)

  4. Woo-hoo! Tori gets the first entry!! And what a lovely message, thanks so much. These are going to make my mom soooo very happy!!

  5. Oh wow, look at the entries pouring in. Hooray!!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Robertson! I hope you have an incredible, fun-filled day of celebration! :D

    Music is important to me because it stems a lot of creativity for me. Songs- well, most of them- tell stories just as books do, and listening to those sparks inspiration for me to write. I don't think any author could really pour themselves completely into a book without music, in my opinion. It's motivational, inspirational and amazing.

  7. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson! Hope you have a wonderful day :)

    Music is important to me because, it help me feel calm and is a great stress reliever for me.

    Looking forward to reading Nightshade!

  8. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Robertson! Music teachers were always my favorite teachers in school :)

    I feel pretty dorky trying to describe in words why music is important to me, but basically I guess it helps me think differently, especially when I'm writing. Also, who hasn't imagined their life underscored by an actual soundtrack? (My morning routine, for instance, is set to the theme song from the '90s-era X-Men cartoon.)

    (Love that moment from Glee.)


  9. Very happy birthday to the lovely Mrs. Robertson- what a fantastic day to get to celebrate it not only as your birthday, but the 6 months one for Nightshade. =)

    As for music... it doesn't matter what the situation, emotions, or thoughts, there is a song for everything. When I really take the time to think about lyrics that someone has poured their heart and soul into, weaving a story with instruments and prose, it is astounding. Particularly in rough times for me, I always turn to music as a reminder that I'm not alone- someone, somewhere, has gone through this and they have figured it out and made it out. It is such a simply but unwavering reminder that a new state of okay can come out of even the worst situations.

    Congrats, Andrea, on the upcoming release of Nightshade!

  10. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson and congratulations on six months until Nightshade hits shelves. (Just a note that my birthday is 5 days away on the 24th, so woohoo for April birthdays!):)

    Music is important to me because I can get lost in songs for hours. It is an expression of an important moment or experience in a persons life and sometimes you can be lucky enough to find a song that describes exactly how you feel. Music is beautiful and methodical. It reminds me of the years I use to listen to my father playing the piano, writing songs and playing through scales. I also dance, and music helps with that expression.

  11. Happy Birthday Mrs.Robertson! Hehe in a month May 19th is MY moms brithday!

    Music is important to me because its not just about the emotions i feel whenever i listen, its about feeling what the musician feels. Music is always there for every moment of your life, for every emotion your feeling. It helps you with your problems and it helps you figure out who you are and who you want to be. Music is very important to me for all of those reasons.

    On a side note, i cannot wait to read this book!!!!
    My email is

  12. What fantastic answers - so lovely you guys!

  13. Happy birthday Andrea's mom :D

    I love music because I need it. It brings colour to my life, inspires me to write, brings me up when I'm down. Basically it just makes life a whole lot richer. I can't imagine being without it.

    Actually just the other day I was feeling really crappy about everything. Then I listened to Smile (both the Glee and Michael Jackson versions). It's like the light went back on. Music is SO POWERFUL.

    Looking forward to your book's release!

    In case you need my email it's saraholutola(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson!!! :D

    Music is a huge part of life and it creates memories. From happy ones like weddings or a first kiss and to sad ones that will make you cry. Music could make you feel better when you're feeling sad or if you just wanna have. I listen to music all day from the morning I wake up, to when I'm doing my make-up, going to work, at work, and then back home again until I fall asleep listening to music on the radio. Music is definitely a huge part of my life.

  15. Happy birthday, Mrs. Robertson! :D I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come! ^_^ (I would sing happy birthday -- but you'll have to settle for "it's the thought that counts" in that respect. XD)

    As for me -- music is important to me because it is something of a retreat to me no matter what mood I happen to have. I don't know how many times a song from one of my favorite bands has helped me through a particularly bad day. In recent years, listening to music has become just as important to me as reading and writing, and now I have to thank music for inspiring me with my writing too. (Thank goodness for technology and playlists; otherwise, I wouldn't be able to keep track of all the music I write by and love! XD) Music is just another creative form for which people can express themselves -- and, even though I myself have no particular musical talent, I'm forever glad that I'm able to appreciate it as much as I do. :)

  16. Happy Birthday Mrs Robertson, i hope you see all these comments wishing you a Happy Birthday, and hopefully it'll put a smile on your face! :) I hope you have a great day!

    Music is way important to me. Music changes the way i feel, it can cheer me up when im sad, or depress me so much that i undepress myself if that makes sense..aha. Theres not a day where i dont listen to music. Music can describe any moment in your life, and music is your own.Whether that be your own choices of songs on your ipod etc, or the music you make. I play the guitar and piano, and i love doing it. I love playing other artists songs, because i feel accomplished. I also love how music makes television so much better. There are songs that sound okay by themselves, and even better when its put in a movie scene.

    And most of all, i love music for its lyrics and it artists. To be able to relate to an artists who just knows what your going through, or to even verbalise how you are feeling is amazing. There is always going to be a song or melody that relates to your current situation, and for that im thankful, and for that im glad i can listen to music, because it plays such a huge role in my life.

    If international people can win the ARC then please do, if not thats okay, i still get to wish Mrs Robertson a Happy Birthday!

    Bianca :)

  17. Happy Birthday Mrs Robertson! I hope that you'll find happiness and so much positivity today of all days! May you have tons of blessings in your life. :)

    Music is important to me because it has become a part of who I am. Years ago, I was trained to become a pianist and to become a singer at the age of 3 onwards. I held on to the notes as long as I could. I felt that the notes were like branches of myself, that I used to express what I feel and what I think. Sometimes when I'm inspired, I try to compose. Aside from this, music makes me happy. It's such a powerful element. And it also aids me in writing. I've gotten inspired just by listening to a song. I find it amazing that a set of notes, strummed with words here and there could stir me into action.

    If this is open internationally (and I desperately hope that it is), please include me. However, if it isn't, I totally understand.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday again Mrs Robertson! Don't forget to live life to the fullest! :)


  18. Want, want, want, want, want, WANT! Did I mention I really want to read Nightshade? :)

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson!! I have you have an absolutely amazing day and may the year ahead for you be filled with all the happiness, love and pleasant surprises you so clearly deserve. And I think we should thank you for instilling a love of literature in Andrea, without books in her life we may not have a fabulous upcoming release to look forward to!

    Music gives me as much as much enrichment as books do - an escape from the world, from my emotions or whatever else I need an hour away from. It gives me inspiration - to write, to believe, to hope. It makes me happy, it makes me cry, music really does touch the soul and I love what it gives me in life. I can't play an instrument, I can't sing. But I do have two working ears and a finger practiced in the art of pressing 'play'!

    As a few others have mentioned - if this is open internationally, PLEASE enter me! Oh and just for the record - Glee is LOVE!


  19. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson! You sound awesome, and clearly have great taste in books :D Have a lovely day!


    Music is important to me because certain lyrics and bands have helped me through a lot of things in the past. Just knowing that someone has experienced the same thing is a comfort in itself, but listening to someone sing about it is even better. Also, there's nothing like my favourite songs to cheer me up!

    Thanks Andrea :)

    - Jenny

  20. Happy Birthday momma Robertson! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and presents.

    When it comes to music, I love it for it's complete uniqueness. The different melodies and sounds that are constantly created makes me feel like there's still hope and wonder in the world and that's why it's so important to me. I'm also addicted to live music. I just close my eyes and get swept away with the lyrics and the joy felt by everyone around me. It makes me so happy as well when the artist is enjoying it as much as the audience.

    I'm so excited that the release for Nightshade is now closer! *Happy dance*

  21. My Mom is one of the people that will never age for in my eyes. Even though she didn't speak very good English when I was a kid she always use to (and still does) sing. She sang in the morning, in the shower, while cooking and always, always to us. She'd make up her own music or sing to the radio. I can listen to it forever. Since then I can't live without music, it has to be all around me at all times. Books may be apart of my soul, but music is apart of my being.

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday Mrs Robertson!! May it be filled with music and smiles:)


  22. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Robertson! I love being in the middle of a choir surrounded by voices. Very powerful.

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  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS ROBERTSON, have an amazing day :)

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear MRS ROBERTSON
    Happy Birthday to you

    Why is music important?, i think music is important because it shows us that other people that been through the same and that we are not alone even when you feel you are, and music has the ability to change our mood

  25. Happy Bday Mrs. Robertson!! I hope your day is filled with much joy and happiness!

    Music is important to me because i've been around it all my life. My brother, sister and I were all in choir growing up. And now even though I'm not in school anymore, and therefore not in choir, music is still a huge part of my life. I listen to it daily for at least 2 hours a day, sometimes more. Reading and music are my two favorite things!!

    And even if I don't win this, Nightshade comes out one day before my birthday so that will be one present on my wishlist this year!! :P

  26. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson!!! I hope you have a marvelous day with your loved ones and tons of joy.

    Music is important to me because I have grown up around it and I love having soundtracks to my life. Growing up, my mom would clean the house to the classic rock station on Saturdays and she would sing and play air guitar with the broom (Yes, my family is just a tad bit crazy, but that's okay, I love them!). My parents shared their musical taste with me. Of course I didn't adopt some of it until later because in the 90's my favorite bands were the Spice Girls, NSYNC, and the Backstreet Boys. I have great memories of singing obnoxiously in the car, etc. My fiance and I love music and now we sing obnoxiously in the It is interesting how you can use music as a reflection of your mood. I know exactly what song I want to listen to if I am excited, mellow, sad...any emotion you can think of. I love music.

    Again, Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson! Always keep filling your life with music. :D

    kghobbs AT gmail DOT com

  27. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson! One of my fondest memories from high school is playing in the band and marching in parades and at football games and singing in the choir. Teachers rock but music teachers will have a special place in heaven. Music is so important to me. Growing up, we all had to learn how to play the piano. I'm grateful to my mom for that. It's something you never forget, like riding a bike. You might get wobbly but you never fall off.

  28. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    I think music is important to me because no matter what I am going through I can always find a song that will fit my mood. Music can be whatever you want it to be, happy, uplifting, sad or thoughtful. And the great thing about music is that it is a universal language, everyone can find some type of music that they like so everyone can relate to the love of music.

    Being a teacher myself I use music in the classroom all the time so I can pass on that love to my students :)

  29. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson, I have you have a wonderful day!!! Andrea is lovely, you must be very proud of her :)

    Music will always be important to me. I am lucky to have an "ear for music" and can play a song on a piano just by hearing it once. I also used to write songs too and sing in a band :) Music can lift your mood or help you wallow in your sadness, it can inspire you to write scenes or your own songs. It's a universal language that everyone can understand and it will always have a special place in my heart <3

    Thank you for the giveaway Andrea. Fingers crossed this time! :)

  30. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson! I hope you have a fun-filled, enjoyable day!

    I think music is important to me because music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  31. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson!!!
    I hope you have a fantastic day!!

  32. A very Happy Birthday wish to Mrs. Robertson!

    Music is important to me because it makes me feel and is a great distraction to life. I could not imagine doming mundane tasks without it. I could not imagine have a singular focus on work without it. Music fills the quiet with life.

  33. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson, Happy Birthday to you!!! WE sure hope it's a good one, and that you have an even better year!

    p.s. Congrats on the count-down! We're crossing off the days on our calendar too!

  34. I am overwhelmed by how beautiful these posts are! My mom sends her thanks and joy at your thoughts on music :)

  35. Happy Birthday Mrs Robertson! Could it be that Nightshade's release was planned for your half birthday? :P

  36. Happy birthday Mrs. Robertson! If this was an in-person type of thing, then you'd get a song. But I sort of have a rule about no internet singing after what happened last time. ;)

    Why is music important to me? Because it's everything. Whenever I'm down, music picks me up. It makes me laugh, cry, dance, sing, and feel a need to just do something, to rebel! (I listen to a lot of punk music.) Sometimes, when things get REALLY bad, it's the only way to make me feel.

  37. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Robertson!!! Wishing you a year filled with fun, magical suprises!!

    It's wonderful to have an actual music curriculum in my children's school. We moved to No. NV from No. Cal five years ago and I was delighted when we toured the elementary school that there was an actual Music Room. Music was a luxury in California, and one that was cut out many, many years ago from most public elementary schools. But here, where every dollar is stretched thin, my kids have experienced the most amazing music teacher ever, Mrs. Falcone. And I'm sure you're every bit as enthusiastic, challenging and full of knowledge as she is.

    Most of us Mamas know, that music soothes the soul. Watch a baby fall asleep as it lays in it's mother's arms while she hums a tune -- you know that this is true.

    So happy birthday to a wonderful mother and music teacher -- thank you for all you do.

  38. Happy Birthday! I hope you have very special day!

    Music is important because it can convey emotion that sometimes cannot be described in words.

    kpic724(at) gmail (dot) com

  39. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson!! :D I know how awesome it is to have a mom that encourages you to read :)

    Music is important because it is an emotional outlet. When you need to vent, you can listen to music to help you cry/yell/whatever. When you're in a great mood, you can listen to music and sing along at the top of your lungs. When you want to cheer up, you can listen to something upbeat. It is always there, and there is always something you can listen to that fits your mood.

    allison.d.mason AT gmail DOT com

  40. Happy birthday Mrs. Robertson!

    Music is important to me because nothing inspires me more to write. =)

  41. A very, very happy Birthday to Mrs Robertson--hope you get a beautiful day filled with sweet people. And something great too eat, too--that's sweet if you want ;)

    (And it's kind of perfect this is about birthdays because I was already going to say-like I did in my WOW post- how today is one of my dog's birthday's and Nightshade comes out two days before my birthday!)

    As for music, it's definitely important because it can match whatever mood you're in or whatever you're feeling. No matter how much you feel something is unique to you or hwo alone you feel there's always going to be at least one song that is just 'exactly' how you're feeling-good, had, or horrible and that's amazing to me. And songs can bring you back to certain times (and ways you were feeling at those times) in your life simply by hearing them. Music's very powerful.

    book.splot [at] gmail [dot] com

  42. Aw, I love you, Andrea's mom : ) And I know I do just because I love Andrea, and a woman that wonderful could only come from another wonderful woman! Obviously I don't need to win the ARC, so don't enter me. But I wanted to say Happy Birthday!

  43. Happy birthday Mrs Robertson!!! I hope all your dreams come true.

    Music is something that I feel touches my very soul. No matter my mood I can find music that reaches within and changes me. I am a bit of a music gypsy, I listen to a little of everything..

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  45. Here's why music is so great (and it wishes someone Happy Birthday at the same time!)

    (Think Simon & Garfunkel...)

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Robertson,
    Bloggers love you more than you will know...


    God Bless you please, Mrs. Robertson,
    I hope you have a wonderful Birthday...

    HEY! HEY! HEY!........hey hey hey!


  46. Jamie - I love it. Plus (serendipity!) my mom is coming to town in two weeks to see Simon and Garfunkel!! My aunt bought her tickets as a birthday prez :)

  47. Kiersten,

    :) Thanks so much for stopping by!!! :) *hugs*

  48. Happy Birthday Mom! Yay on the book countdown! When you have to wait, you can't beat summer months. They always fly by so fast!

    I love music! LOVE! It's why I joined the Milwaukee Childrens Choir when I was young and why I now encourage my 6 year old daughter to always sing like no one is watching.

  49. Apparently great minds think alike because I was singing the same tune as Jamie (the comment above) just a moment ago, haha!

    Bon Anniversaire, Mrs Robertson! Wishing you a birthday filled with copious amounts of love, laughter, and sunshine! Cheers to many more years of spreading the gift of music! :)

    As to the importance of music in my life...plain and simple, music is my total constant. Because a song never changes. Life can be as hectic as a roller-coaster or as boring as a clam, but the music ALWAYS stays the same. It's reliable when, at times, people are not.

    (Side note: Congrats Andrea on the release of Nightshade - I definitely can't wait to read it!)

    - Nikki

  50. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson!!!



  51. I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Mrs. Robertson. I hope that you have an excellent day!

    Music has given a soundtrack to my life. That's why I cherish it so much. During my happy moments, I can remembering by hearing the song that I listened to at that moment. When I have gone through trials, music has still been there for me.

    Music takes me to a different place like no drug can. Overall, music has brought comfort to my heart and to my soul.

    Thank you this chance to express myself.



    Music, especially the piano has an olfactory effect on me. My father and I both love to hear the piano. Sadly, we never learned to play it but just the love of listening to someone who could play it well was something that we both shared. Now that my father has passed on, the piano is one of the many things that brings back pleasant memories of my him.
    Also, my grandparents are from Puerto Rico and when I was a child we had many parties. My grandfather and great uncles would bring out the Guiro, a Conga drum, Maraca and Claves then play while everyone else would dance. It was tons of fun and it always brought the family together especially through hard times. Now when I here certain rhythms played in Salsa songs it takes me back to those parties and I smile at the memories.
    So I would say that music keeps me connected to my loved ones even if they are gone.


  53. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. ROBERTSON! hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy,happiness, and sunshine.

    Music is my life!!! I love it and can't live without. In some ways, its like a book, it helps you escape. Even in sad times I listen to music because it helps me cope. I wonder what would happen to me and the world if music didn't exist.


  54. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson!!

  55. ♫ ♪Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mrs. Robertson, Happy Birthday to you!♪♫

    Music is important to me because it not only relates to how I feel when no one else does, it also allows me to imagine the impossible.

  56. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson! I wish you all the best, and that all your birthday wishes come true! :)

    Music is important to me because its my escape (as with books) from all the chaos and stress of the real world! And with the invention of the iPod *bows down to Apple* I can have that escape anywhere! Plus music inspires me <3

  57. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Robertson! You are obviously a great mother! Music is important to me because it gives me inspiration to do everything I do. Whether I am writing, driving, or playing sports, I can always count on music to keep me going.


    alexreadsbooks at gmail dot com

  58. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Robertson!!

    I love music because it can distract me and get my mind off of things. It helps on a boring road trip, at the gym, or to help get me out of a bad mood. I also love that when I turn on a fun song my kids sing and dance. I never would have experienced that level of cuteness without it.


  59. Happy Birthday Mrs, Robertson! I hope you have a great day full of love;)

    Why I love music? hmm..

    Well first of all its a great inspiration and escape!
    But most makes me FEEL. When I listen to sad music I automatically get melancholic and when I listen to happy music I feel..happy lol. Music has such a great power over our moods and emotions..its like a trigger. Music helps me through a lot of situations and I wouldn't know what to do with out it...


  60. Happy birthday ms Robertson have an amazing day , may your wishes come true ! Music is great for the good times like prom and for the difficult times. Music cheers me up it can give you emotions sad or happy ! It can help you forget the tough times . music is powerful and congrats Andrea Thank you for the chance I just can t wait for night shade love the cover:d

  61. Dearest Ms. Robertson, happy birthday and thank you for producing such an amazing daughter!

    For me my love of music comes from my own mother, who endured my occasional tantrums at an early age while nurturing in me the gift of violin-playing. Without her encouragement I would never be where I am today--musically or otherwise!

    Hope your birthday is a great one!


  62. These comments are so wonderful I almost feel like it's my birthday :)

  63. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Robertson!!!!

    Music is important to me because it is filled with emotion. I have been told I am sometimes a little too guarded. Music expresses for me what I sometimes can't say. And it really helps right a killer scene. Or a romantic one.

    -Lisa B.

  64. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Dear Mrs. Robertson! Happy Birthday TO YOU!!!! :D

    Music is important in so many different ways. It not only captures emotions but can always shift it. You can be depressed one minute, listen to a song and be happy the next. It's also great for capturing suspense in movies and books. I love it when authors post a playlist for their novel. It makes you feel like you're there, experiencing with their experiencing. Nothing better than that!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I want this book so bad, it hurts.


  65. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Robertson! =D

    I love music because it (like books) can take you away to another place/feeling/state of mind. No matter what I'm feeling, music+books can completely change my attitude.


    Music...there is no other sound more beautiful then a blending of instruments in perfect harmony. My (almost) 4 year old son can turn anything into drumsticks and will beat off his own rhythm any where...what is more important than music where imagination is involved?


  67. Happy Birthday! My mom read me Harry Potter, so I know how you feel =D

    Music is important to me because through it I've gained so many friends. I'm a part of the school marching band, and I love all of my band friends and the music we make together.

  68. There are so many things that make music important to me. There are songs that immediately remind me of a fantastic vacation (Styx always reminds me of Islamorada) or a close friend (Stand By Me was the theme song for my group of high school friends, friends that I still have 20 years later). There are songs that calm me when I'm upset (the Lord of the Rings soundtrack), or energize me when I need motivation (anything Flamenco or Spanish guitar). There are songs that remind me of my own mother, now that all we have are memories of her. The great thing about music is that it can be so many different things to so many people.

    Thanks, Andrea, for doing this contest, and congrats on the release. It'll be here before you know it, lol. And thank you, Mrs Robinson, for helping a new generation of people create and appreciate music.

  69. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Robertson!! I hope your day is lovely!

    Mmmm, music. Next to books, music is the only thing that can totally transport me to another, better place. I'm particularly fond of music that tells a great story or has a particularly addicting beat. My tastes are eclectic and change daily, but I can always find something to fit my mood.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Sara @ The Hiding Spot

  70. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson!!!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day, and the best birthday anyone could ask for (even if its Monday!!) Happy Birthday again.

    Sincerely Kelly!!

    Why Music is important to me?? Music is important to me because its what i start my day with and end it with my IPod and I are bestist friends if it ever broke i would die!!
    I listen to anything but slow song then drag me down and I'm a smiley type of girl and i hate the feeling some slow songs provoke picker uppers are what I'm talking about. Lady Gaga can take me out of any mood swing I'm going through shes just so catchy even if they are over played, but no one knows this about me but i ADORE Spanish music I dunno everything in Spanish sounds better!! One song I adore is called Lo Que Passo Passo (which means what happened... Happened plain and simple) Thanks what everyone should live with, is without regrets!! Thats music for me it means something different to everyone (just like a piece of art, no everyone one will get the same reaction, or enjoy it). Without music the world would be black and white and 20 million shades of gray!! Thats what I think!!

    Please enter me in to with Nightshade
    My email is:

  71. Happy birthday Mrs.Robertson! Hope you had an amazing day. =]

    I guess music is important to me because we moved around a lot as a kid and I always had trouble making friends. I am a shy person and I don't talk a lot to people I don't know unless I can find something in common with them. At one of my schools I joined choir and I found a whole bunch of people who shared my love of music and I made great friends. No matter where we lived I would join the choir and I met most of my best friends in that class. So that is why music is important to me.

    Katie B

  72. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs.Robertson!!!! I hope all of your birthday wishes came true!

    Music is important to me becuase it's a way to express my feelings and I love having it as a creative outlet. I helps me deal with life and I love listening as well as singing my favorite songs becuase it lifts me spirit.


  73. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson! Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Music is important to me because it helps me relax. Listening to music while working on something difficult/stressful can help me be calm and finish what I have to do.

    rebecca191 AT

  74. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MRS. ROBERTSON! I hope it is full of wonder and cheer, and that you get everything you ever wanted. :)

    To me, music is the reason to breathe. I've always been extremely passionate about music (basically, I've been able to connect every single important moment of my life to a Jimmy Eat World song) and recently I found a whole new love in musical theater. Where I grew up -- theater meant you were weird. And musicals? Um, no way, Jose! So when I first saw the movie version of Rent, I totally fell in love with this whole new world of fantasticness. Recently Glee gave me a whole new reason to love showtunes, and I literally sing every single song to Wicked on a regular basis. So the fact that you posted "Defying Gravity" from Glee on this post is just the perfect ending -- however, even though that is probably one of the greatest songs of all time, my favorite song from Wicked is "What Is This Feeling?" (Do you think that Idina and Kristen can sing it in Glee this season. Hopeful wishing?)

  75. Happy Birthday Mrs. Robertson! I hope you have a super fantastic one.

    Music is the most important thing to me because it has helped me through rough moments in my life. Especially my most recent tragedy. I lost my own mom on December 31, 2009 to Leukemia. Listening to music after wards helped heal my soul and ease my mind. Her song was Kool and the Gangs "Celebration" and we played it at her funeral. With that song we were able to celebrate her life rather then mourn her loss. Music has touched my life, as I hope it has for others.

    A fun musical birthday wish on your birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs. Robertson!!!

    As for how music has impacted my life WOW, not sure where to start. My mom's been singing as part of a chorus since i was like 5 or 6 or something like that. So I grew up with Barbershop muusic. And because of my mom's involvement I've gotten to travel around the country to places I never would have gone otherwise. And now music is an every day part of my life. I work in the music dept. of a bookstore and i listen to some bit of it most every day (when i'm not listening to audio books). Music can say so much in 3 minutes is crazy and I love that a song can express any feeling your having. Also helps you realize that you're not the only one going through those emotions.

    secsec1 (at) gmail (dot) com

  77. Happy Bday Mrs. Robertson! Hope you had an awesome day :D

    Music breaks the silence of the long commute to work every morning and cools me down after a long day of work. For a while now my music player has become the best mate for all those hours spent on a bus surrounded by stressed out strangers. Music is the company and distraction that allows me to travel back in time and space no matter where I am at.

  78. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Mrs. Robertson! May it be filled with lots of laughs, smiles, and fun.

    Music is important to me because there is no better stress reliever than dancing like no one is watching. It also helps calm down my nerves before an exam and it makes the walk home that much more entertaining. It has helped me get through the rough times and it has helped me celebrate the good times. I don't what I would do without music and the happiness it brings me. (WOW could I be any sappier? LOL)

  79. I technically missed it, and I'm not actually entering, but I wanted to wish your mom a happy birthday! =)

  80. Happy Birthday to the great Mrs. Robertson! You're as old as you feel (which is completely cliche) :)

    Music, huh? I just love it. Can't be helped! I could go so many ways, such as saying I love to sing (which I do) or music could be my life (I do play the guitar - ha), but truly if you can't see the joy in even a little music and rhythm, how could you really say you experienced life? It's just between that and allowing it to settle loud enough to block out the insipid chatter some girls from my school have *dreamy sigh*.
    Plus, we wouldn't get some awesome bands and composers without Music! :)