Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Picture This

A frequent question I get is "if there was a movie who would your dream Nightshade cast be"?

It's a super fun game to play and I do have answers. But before I give them, I have a qualifier:
It's really, really important to me that readers envision characters the way they want to. The people I'll mention here are just my ideas - but I love that every person that encounters the Nightshade pack will have their own picks.
Those who follow me on Twitter know that I've had Ren pegged for a long time. I am also engaged in an epic battle with Rachel (aka LadyHawkins) auteur extraordinaire of Hex Hall for the heart of Ben Barnes. You will never have him Rachel!!!
But Shay was eluding me. And how it pained me that I couldn't find anyone who captured the way I'd imagined him!! Then the lovely Mitali (aka AlleyofBooks) introduced me to this guy:
One Max Irons.

And he is PERFECT for Shay. *Swoons* I am sooooo happy. Thanks, Mitali!!

So there are the two lovely boys vying for Calla.

As for Calla herself, She was tricky too. The model they found for the cover was perfect. In terms of actresses, the closest I've seen of the way I imagine Calla is this photo of Dianna Agron: And there you have it.
Those are my picks - I'd love to hear yours!


  1. Dianna Agron is so beautiful! And Max Irons is really swoon worthy. I can't for Nightshade to finally be released!

  2. Ben Barnes? SWOON! I think Ren just gained a fan even before I've had the chance to meet him in the book.

    October can't come soon enough, it really can't! XD

  3. I tried not to stare at the pics to long, since I'm one of those readers who creates the faces and the voices in my head once I read the book, but Ben Barnes can do no wrong ~waggles eyebrows~
    btw, did I mention how much I adore these names? Ren, Shay, Calla? So, so great!!

  4. OMFG!!! Ben Barnes and Max Iron are HAWT! Wow..if they look like that I would have a tought ime choosing between them too haha. I can totally understand Calla....oh my. They look GORGEOUS! :)
    Cant WAIT to read Nightshade!!!!!

  5. So glad you guys like the pics! Bella - Thanks for your comments about names; names are really important to me :)

  6. Awesome!! I adore Ben Barnes! *major swoon*
    I am about ready to burn the other ARCs and skip to Nightshade. Such temptation...

  7. Ahahaha! BinBons is a popular casting model. I've had him pegged for Ash from The Iron King, too. :) But really, how can you not? He's so swoonworthy. Sighs.

  8. Ah! The awesome Julie Kagawa stopped by!! If you haven't read The Iron King - get to a bookstore and pick it up! Ash definitely has BB swoon style!

  9. Wow! I love all of them. Ben Barnes makes me swoon! =D he's my Archer and my Ash!

  10. Well, I need an ARC! Then I can make an education opion :) I'll be happy to send you my address if you'd like to ship me one. Needs to be signed by you of course, or I will be sad :o)

  11. Sheesh. You really know how to pick the hottest guys around. :)
    Love, Hannah

  12. So, um, I *may* have moved my ARC to the top of the pile.
    *ducks and hides*

    Also, Max Irons. <3