Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Topless at Starbucks and Other Adventures

Seattle. Great city - one of my favorites to visit.

I had such a wonderful time meeting fantastic book folks and noshing on scrumptious food. I'll be posting pics of the dinners as they are emailed to me (thanks Colleen!!!), but for now the city.

Rain had been in the forecast, but when I arrived sky and sea sparkled in the sun.

I was near Pike Place Market.

Where I snapped a photo of the original Starbucks - you might not be able to see it here, but the 'real' Starbucks mermaid is topless. To me that make sense, because shells? Hello chafing!

Of course there is always the beauty of the Pacific. I couldn't get a good picture, but you could see all the way to the mountains beyond the sound.

Seattle has special book significance for me. March of just over one year ago I got 'the call' in Seattle. I revisited the bronze plaque with the poem that spoke to me that day and still rings so very true. That this city was the first stop on my pre-publication tour might have made me tear up just a little :)


  1. I'm sure Seattle loves you too! It's definitely appropriate that it is your first pre-pub stop! Glad things went well. :p

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your journey. :D