Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Q&A

I'll be off the grid for the next three days - so it's the perfect time for this month's Q&A.

Leave any questions in the comments and I'll answer them when I return on Friday! Thanks for all your excitement about the Penguin Five :)

Looking forward to your questions!!!


  1. Have a great time!
    My question might seems weird, but who created the cover?

    Ty! Tynga

  2. No question; just wanted to compliment your choice of song ;-) Travis is one of my favourites - 12 Memories is my favourite of their albums :-)

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  4. My question is: You know that woman with the make-up brush at the beginning of the Travis video? Can I be that person when you go on tour? I'll stay out of the shots. I promise. =)

  5. Are you a natural redhead?

    If so, do you secretly resent unnatural redheads?

  6. Cont.

    If not, who does your coloring because wow?

    And finally,

    Brownies, cake, or cookies? You will be graded. There is no curve.

  7. Kiersten, you are so funny! And I agree, Andrea's hair is gorgeous! :)

    Hm...I haven't read all your past posts yet, so please disregard if you've already answered these.

    1. How long did you work on Nightshade from start to final edit?

    2. I'm super intrigued by covers. Did you have any say on yours or did Penguin do it all on their own?

    I'll keep thinking. If I think of some REALLY good ones I might want to use them to interview you for my blog once I've read the book! Assuming you do that kind of thing... There's another question! Do you? :)

  8. Woo-hoo! Thanks for the questions guys :) Can't wait to answer them!

  9. Did you originally write the NIGHTSHADE series as a trilogy or did you envision it as a stand alone book?

    -Rachel Simon