Monday, May 24, 2010

Not About Lost

The blog/tweetosphere is run amok with reactions to the Lost series finale.
Me? Ummmm....I stopped watching Lost after the second season.

It's not that I didn't enjoy it, but I just didn't quite fall in love the way I need to if I'm going to remain loyal to a show.
For example, if you want to hear my theory about what happened at the season finale of Supernatural I'd be happy to share :)

Now that TV business is taken care of, this post has a two-fold purpose.

One to share a GIGANTIC thank you to my wonderful hosts and dinner companions of last week. I had a wonderful time and though it hardly seemed possible am even more excited about October now than I was before.

My last stop was Chicago - one of my favorite cities.
I love the river
and the architecture.
I even had the joy of being caught out in a thunderstorm. That's not sarcasm - I love being caught out in the rain; it imparts a pure ecstasy of life in the moment ;)

I'd like to thank in particular my teen blogger/readers who came to dinner. My soul sistah Zoe!I know - we really could be sisters?! Right? :)

Hallie - who told me she hid Nightshade under her pillow so she could sneak reads when she was supposed to be doing her homework! And Kristen whose blog I'm so excited to read :) Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and kind words about the series!!

The second purpose of this post is to ask a favor. I'm heading to New York tomorrow for BEA. It's my first book convention and I'm sure there will be tons to report, but I'd like to know what you would like to hear about? What BEA buzz should my blog posts send back yonder?

One last item of note: The Frenetic Reader is giving away an ARC of Nightshade! Hurry over for your chance to win :)


  1. Baha! Yeah, "Lost" had me a little well...lost there in the middle. But it won me back. :)

  2. EVERYTHING since I cannot be there *sobs*. Who you meet, what books are there, events etc and what it's like from your point of view

  3. Lost lost me after season 2 too. (-=
    Chicago rocks!! Such a nice city.
    Nice blog.

  4. I thought the soul sistah thought was SO funny when I first read about it on Zoe's post! Soul sistah... I want a soul sistah!
    And I'd love to see pictures, pictures, and more pictures! I'm excited to see BEA through your eyes because I unfortunately can't attend. :(
    I hope you have an awesome time, Andrea.
    Love, Hannah

    P.s. And psh, girl, I entered that contest yesterday... ;)
    (Just kidding! Although I'm DYING waiting for NIGHTSHADE'S release date.)

  5. Thanks guys I promise lots of BEA posts with lots of pics!

  6. A lot of pictures, posts about the books you got, and maybe the panels you attended/authors you met? :D