Monday, December 27, 2010

Signing and Some Winners!

It's the post-Christmas lull. The space of days between Christmas and New Year's always strikes me as a bit odd. It's a time of winding down and reflecting on the year - but also of anticipation, looking toward what's to come in 2011.

If you're looking for something to do and happen to be in Northern Wisconsin, you can stop by Stage North in Washburn (on beautiful Lake Superior) for my reading and signing tonight at 7.

I also have some winners to announce from last week's contests. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by!

The winners of Catherine Fisher's giveaway are:




The winners of Lisa Desrochers' giveaway of a signed copy of Personal Demons is:


Congrats to the winners! You'll be getting an email from me in the next few days asking for your mailing deets.


  1. Congrats to the winners!

    It really is the post-Christmas lull...this week is going to be verrrrrry lazy for me, though I'm hoping I can catch up on writing, blogging, and my online government class. Heh.

  2. YAY!! I won!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  3. WOW!
    Thank You, Andrea!!
    I'm so happy!

  4. Thanks so much! :D

    apereiraorama @