Sunday, December 19, 2010

Catherine Fisher

I've got a lovely Christmas gift for you, dear readers! This week I'm featuring author, Catherine Fisher. Catherine has penned some truly fabulous books that I'm so happy to talk about - as well as featuring two of my favorite book covers!

If you weren't paying attention in the early part of 2010 you might have missed the release of Incarceron (maybe not though - considering it did hit the NYT best seller list). But if you're Team Jacob you've surely noted that the film version of Incarceron will star no other than one Taylor Lautner!

Incarceron is a fantastic tale that weaves mystery and suspense in a world that features a living prison with dangers, rules, and societies contained in its ever-changing walls and a world outside the prison that boasts incredible technology side-by-side with strange trappings of the past. I don't want to describe the book to much as I think losing yourself in this fascinating world is one of the best parts of the novel.

If you haven't read Incarceron yet, now is the perfect time because the second book in the series - Sapphique, will be what you want to pick up with your bookstore gift cards post-holiday. Sapphique will be available December 28 (cough - same day as Nightshade's UK release - cough).

Catherine will stop by the blog Wednesday and Friday. I can't wait - be sure to check in for a chance to win her book!!


  1. I liked your review! Just enough to grab interest, but not enough to spoil anything. Thanks!

  2. Ooh, I cannot wait to read these!!! They are on my to buy to be read list :)

    I just reviewed (yesterday but still) your book on my blog =D

    Jess :)

  3. I just finished Incarceron a few days ago and found it to be fantastical and unique. Look forward to Sapphique!

  4. I am really looking forward to reading Sapphique. CONGRATULATIONS to the UK release day for Nightshade!

  5. Incarceron!! SO GOOD. Can't wait for Sapphique.

  6. I read that ages ago(like four-five months...), it was actually pretty good. I loved the idea(the prison? genious). even though it took me forever to really get into it. that was my only regret.

  7. Thanks you guys! Catherine will be here for a guest post on Wednesday.

    Jess -thanks for the awesome review!

  8. TO BY LIST!!!
    can't wait!!
    will try to be here on wednesday!!!