Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The Universe has been extraordinarily kind to me of late.

One year ago on this day, Philomel pre-empted Nightshade and my world has never been the same. I am continually grateful for the amazing path I've been traveling.

To celebrate I'm hosting a couple August giveaways. The first is on Twitter. Right now I have 900+ followers and when I hit 1000 I'll give away an iPod shuffle pre-loaded with the soundtracks to all three books in the Nightshade trilogy. So yes, you may not know what happens in the books, but you'll know what music fits the arc of the story!

The August signed NIGHTSHADE ARC giveaway will involve a WOLFSBANE tie-in, so stayed tuned for the announcement of that contest :)

Thanks so much to all of you for the great comments and entries for Kirsten Miller's ETERNAL ONES. Her books is wonderful and I'm so excited that you'll soon have the chance to read it!


  1. You're wonderful! :) Can't wait to read NIGHTSHADE!

  2. Hi Andrea,
    A pretty good year you've had. This has been a wonderful summer for me(if a little on the hot and dry side)though the garden is pushing my writing off on the side burner. I'm not on Twitter but I'm keeping my eye on you here! Love that pic, by the way. Write on!!

  3. I absolutely love Nightshade!! I'm so excited for Wolfsbane upcoming release and I'm hoping the days go by fast lol. Congratulations for this last year! Here's to another marvelous year!!

  4. Wow that's an awesome year. yay for preempts!

  5. Looks like you have hit 1000, awesome!