Monday, August 30, 2010

The Fair

Minnesotans have an eerie loyalty to our State Fair. Referred to as "The Great Minnesota Get Together" it draws us together like nothing else.On a gorgeous August Sunday I hit the fair with my husband and two dear friends.

Here's a taste of what we had. My husband and I made a pact to eat three "experimental foods," the staple of fair cuisine.

We had: Scotch eggs on a stickHot dish on a stickand mashed potatoes on a stickThe mashed potatoes on a stick were the winning dish. Really delicious!

We also saw lots of animals,some cute and cuddlysome monstrous
some came with cowgirls
some were fuzzysome recently denudedI love the history of the fair (look at that Art Deco)and its future - this is the Tesla Roadster, gorgeous!We got to say 'cheese':

And see a princess sculpted in butter
Plus there were Great Pumpkins galore.
We also rubbed elbows with a local celeb. This is me and my friend, Aeleah, with Senator Al Franken (also showing - my husband's thumb).It was a wonderful day at the fair indeed.


  1. Yay, you made new animal friends :-)

    That Cheese-n-Dog photo of you and your husband is scary, though. Make sure your German father-in-law won't see it - he'll think Minnesotans are mad ;-)

  2. I love the fair! I think that princess looks like you... =)

  3. New Mexicans are big on our state fair, too (called Expo).

  4. omg is there anything more Minnesotan than Hotdish on a stick? Yummmm.

    Also deep-fried banana split? Someone remind me why I moved away?

  5. Mashed potatoes on a stick sounds weird, but I bet it's amazing. Wish our state fair had stuff like that :D

  6. Hey! Another Minnesotan. I found your blog via Carolina Valdez Miller's post and I've been checking out some of her recommendations.

    FYI: I also wrote a state fair blog post: