Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: The Eternal Ones

On August 10 you'll have the chance to pick up the first of Penguin's Big 5: Kirsten Miller's The Eternal Ones. This week I'm delighted to host Kirsten and her novel on my blog!!

I was lucky to get an early copy of this novel and I'm thrilled to shares my thoughts with you about this extraordinary book. It's the story of Haven Moore, a young woman whose dreams of the past and an undying love send her running from a stifling existence in Tennessee to a luxurious, but increasingly dangerous life in Manhattan - which she may or may not have lived through once before.

I have two things to say right off the bat: 1) This book was not what I expected 2) It's on my list of must reads for 2010.

Since the Eternal Ones is being billed as a romance I envisioned a read where I'd be pleasantly swept into the lives of two people who were desperately in love with each other, cheering them on as they overcame obstacles so they could live happily ever after. Don't get me wrong there's plenty of enticing romance in the Eternal Ones - but what drew me into the story so I couldn't put it down was the mystery, the fantastic places Kirsten takes her readers to, and the genuinely terrifying moments that caught me off guard in this book.

You heard that right - there were several scenes that made me gasp and my stomach curl in on itself (in a good way - I like to be scared when reading books, especially when I didn't see it coming). This book is filled with layers of intrigue and deceit that are both subtle and addictive.

The Eternal Ones offers a unique mix of romance, mystery, suspense and a few truly wonderful chills. I'm pretty good at unraveling plots, but Kirsten's book had me guessing and second-guessing myself when it came to who was a hero and who was a villain throughout the story. She had me enthralled through the final sentence of the book.

I loved her characters, particularly Haven and Beau, who I'd love to have as friends - they are both likeable while still flawed enough to be believable.

The world of the Eternal Ones is fascinating and I can't wait to learn more about what lays in both the past and the future for Haven Moore.

You can visit the official web site here and check out this book trailer!


  1. Oh man, I am psyched beyond belief to read this!
    Thanks, Andrea!

    Love, Hannah

  2. Sounds awesome, can't wait to read it!

  3. Cool trailer! Sounds like a great read.