Sunday, February 14, 2010

CONTEST! Questioning Cupid

It's here: Valentine's Day! Run!!
But WAIT there's a CONTEST, so stick around!!

As the Bleeding Hearts Countdown was dedicated to undercutting the value of this holiday, the contest let's you take over - it's your turn to rule the realm of love.

Here's how it works:

As most of you probably know, Twilight brought about the fierce rivalry of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob and I'm sure that Breaking Dawn rendered Camp Jacob despondent. But Twilight isn't the only story with romantic choices at stake.

To enter the contest use the comments to change love story history. What doomed couple would you save, who would ride of with who in the sunset? Nominate your couple that should have been and tell us why their love should have beaten the odds. Couples can be literary, film, television or anything else you come up with.

Winners (chosen at random) will be able to select one of these awesome 2010 debuts:

Josh Berk The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin
Cynthia Jaynes Omololu Dirty Little Secrets
Kristin Walker A Match Made in High School
Suzanne Young The Naughty List

Looking for your wistful what might have beens (ranting and raving also warmly welcomed)!


  1. Buffy and Spike. They were the kickass couple who had one of the roughest relationships from the start, a relationship that beat even Buffy and Angels' relationship. And for Buffy to NOT realise that Spike was still uhh, undead, is just a TV crime.

  2. Shadarii and Koharu. They were together for a while but because of Shadariis stupid sister they were broken apart and then they were without each other for so long that Koharu found a new love (he lost his memory, she nursed him back to health.) and Shadarii was left alone in the end T_T I was really rooting for them, they made me smile.

  3. I would have to pick Cleopatra & Mark Antony.
    I wish they could have had an HEA ending.

  4. I'd pick Romeo and Juliet. But rather than having them ride off into the sunset together, I'd like them to die much, much earlier in the play. Preferably before ACT I, SCENE !.

    Man, I hate those two.

  5. Oh, what a great question! I guess I'd have to say Robert and Francesca in Bridges of Madison County. That book depressed the hell out of me.

  6. Hahahha Kiersten! Then where would we be without the first teenage drama?

  7. I'll go old school with Rhett and Scarlett. Because, frankly my dear, he DID give a damn. *raises eyebrow a la Scarlett*

  8. probably gemma and Kartik from the gemma doyle trilogy. i was so sad when Kartik died.

  9. Rachel and Tobias from ANIMORPHS. She died when she was 16 in battle and he went off and became a recluse.


  10. Tristan and Isolde because they represent love overshadowing bigotry and fear. Although if they got to be together than the whole epic scope of tragic love is taken from the the mix. Still, it was so sad that he had to do the noble thing and die for his king and country, leaving her alone.

  11. King Arthur and Guinevere.
    I always hated how Guinevere's affair with Lancelot ruins everything :( I wish they could live happily ever after.

  12. Clary and Simon from The Mortal Instruments. They are best friends have known each other forever and Simon has been in love with her since they were children. I do love Jace, don't get me wrong and do think he and Clary belong together but it makes me sad that things didn't work out for Simon.

  13. O nice contest and I'm going to have to go with Titanic Jack and Rose they fell in love with each other even though they both come from different worlds there love is true and they try to save each other though the sinking on Titanic its a classic love story


  14. Abelard and Heloise. Because of a misunderstanding from a hasty relative, these two, who were so madly in love, became doomed to spend their lives apart, one of them physically castrated, the other emotionally so. And still, despite the distance and the pain, they wrote each other passionate love letters.

    To the day they died, they loved one another, but could not be together. My heart breaks!

  15. Heathcliff and Catherine, no question. Heathcliff was creepy for sure, and Catherine was a gold digging social climber. But I think if Heathcliff had made his stand instead off sulking off when she decided to marry someone else, they would have saved each other instead of destroying each other and everyone around them. So very sad...

    And, a picture's worth a thousand words. Poor Teddy =(

  16. Or maybe Katniss and Peeta, cuz that one's doomed too...

  17. You said we could wish anything...even non-literary...

    I wish my father would have lived another seven months so my parents would have been able to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary together. They were high school sweethearts - he the football high-scorer & she the homecoming queen. When you said their names, it was as one: jayandshirley

    His sudden passing the week before Christmas stunned us all.

    I wish...

  18. Mariah and Ricky from Never After should have been a couple. I kept thinking they would be the entire book, but they didn't. I thought they would be adorable together!

  19. Great entries you guys!

    Eliza - Abelard and Heloise have to be one of the most tragic couples of all time.

    Marjorie - Thanks for sharing your experience, I'm so sorry for your loss, but it's wonderful that your parents had such a lovely marriage to share.

  20. I pick Rhett and Scarlett from Gone with the wind, I think that they should have stay together.