Monday, February 8, 2010


I have a problem with Februrary. It happens every year. While I love the shifting seasons and cycle of nature, my enthusiasm for the slow turn of Mother Nature's wheel wanes this month. Right now it's just about ground to a bone-crunching halt.

We're having another blizzard. Sigh. And while the days are getting longer, there's not yet evidence enough of sunlight to pierce the haze of winter grimness.
If I were a big fan of Valentine's Day, it would help. Some celebrating would break up the month, offering a nice dose of anticipation. Unfortunately I'm kind of a Valentine's hater. I love romance, but the oversell of this particular holiday undercuts my enjoyment of it. I tend to snark at the icky rhetoric deployed by jewelry adds (i.e. love = diamonds!!!) instead of losing myself in a chocolate coma like I should.
In light of my grumpy mood, I thought I'd put out a call for all things comfort. I'm actively creating my favorite Comfort Bundle. While the snow drifts and wind wails outside I am sitting with my dogs on the couch. They are happy, little snuggle bugs that make me smile.

I also love macaroni and cheese made with extra cheese and hot sauce. Yum.

I will be drinking lots of coffee.

And I will watch Buffy.

And maybe these things will add up to take my February blues away.

What's your go-to comfort bundle?


  1. Clive Barker calls this month the "Great, grey beast of February" in The Thief of Always. That phrase has always stuck with me as utterly accurate. Even though this is our shortest month, it does tend to stretch ooooonnn...

    For comfort I drink oodles of tea, anything black. Red tea and white tea and green tea just don't cut it. And guacamole, though it can be hard to find a decent avocado in February. Round that off with a good book or an epic fantasy movie and I'm set.

  2. Eliza - that Clive Barker comment is priceless! I also treasure the rare, good avocado and tomato this time of year :)

  3. Hot chocolate, thick blankets, and good books!

  4. I second your macaronian cheese love, and add MST3K episodes from the ill-received Sci-Fi Network seasons (or is it Syfy?) and from-scratch cocoa with peppermint schnapps!

    Six more weeks to go. We can do this.

  5. Go Team Comfortador! I'm loving all the hot chocolate suggestions; I gotta get on that.

  6. Red chile and cheese enchiladas....comfy blanket, something really hilarious on TV, even though I'll never pay attention to it because if I sit on the couch, I fall asleep.

  7. Love the unhappy face. That's awesome (and oh so reflective of my opinion of snow).

    Not sure what my comfort bundle is, but it ain't mac'n'cheese. Probably more like a bowl of Reeses cups and a six pack of diet coke (talk about contradiction).

  8. Man, all this blog does it make me want to each. Enchiladas and Reeses cups it is.