Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wondering About How A Book Can Happen For You?

If you want to understand the wily world of publishing, get thee to Kiersten White's blog. This lovely lady just rocked a major deal with Harper Teen and she's also full of sweetness and sharp wit to boot.

Her post today: How to get published. Check it out!

As for me, I'm in denial about the approaching school year. What could help, what could help, hmmmmm, maybe this?


  1. I love her blog! Thanks! Oh... and your comment on my post....I don't know how.... you made me lose words. No one ever makes me lose words! It was beautiful, and inspiring, and it made me able to go to bed feeling like everything will be okay. So, risking mushy, thanks.

    I would love to read your stuff... when review copies come out. I love the way you write. I recognize it :)

  2. Wow, thanks Suzanne, that means a lot. Your blog was the first thing I read this morning because I was very worried about you. Sometimes I think it's simply our lot, that resting on the knife edge of self-doubt and despair is the flip side of the creative force that drives exceptional writing. Your writing is wonderful and I thought what Tab said was spot on - you will awaken to a sun-drenched ripe peach very, very soon. And thanks so much for your interest in my writing, I'd love to send it to you. You'll be at the top of the ARC list!

  3. Thank you, Andrea! I'm afraid I'll get a reputation for being helpful, when mostly I'm just silly, but you are very sweet : )