Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter Butterfly

I love the shift in seasons.

I know, I know. Two months ago I ranted about October snow - but I love the shift in seasons when they happen at the appropriate time. Early or late snow freaks me out.

Now that it's December and we're diving toward the Solstice, I'm enjoying the drop in temperatures and the delicate flakes that lazily drift through the air.

Winter has another benefit as well: complete wardrobe transformation.

Living in a true four seasons climate means we Northern folk get to emerge from our respective cocoons not one, but four times a year. Winter, spring, summer, fall - each have their own sets of clothes. When the temperature drops I rifle through my closet, discovering velvety corduroys and woolen skirts long neglected through summer and fall. It feels like a shopping spree occurred where I didn't have to spend any money!

As much as I enjoy pleasant weather, I don't think I could sacrifice this seasonal bliss for year round temperature stability. My brother lives in LA (he reads this blog and I'm about to mock him, sorry little bro!) and just sent his Christmas list - which put mine to shame by the way - in which he requested an "LA winter coat."

Guffaw! There is no LA winter. He needs a light jacket, which I believe will contribute much more to style than defense from the elements.
As for me I'll be packing up breezy cotton skirts and sheer tops, which I'll stow away until it's time for the next cocoon to break open, welcoming spring rain and warm Zephyr wind. Given that I live in Minnesota, it probably won't happen until May.


  1. I love winter too! Unfortunately it doesn't seem interested in showing up, as it is December 4th, now, and still 50s and 60s in New England. After living in North Dakota for five years, it's kind of a let down.

  2. I have faith that winter will reach you Amalia. New England is still a northern region :)

  3. As a long-time Californian (I did spend a snowy childhood in NY and Ohio) I like to VISIT winter, not experience it, like, all winter. But I am glad you gals are good with it. ;D

  4. I'm with you, Andrea. One of my favorite things about living in Montana is the beauty of four, distinct seasons. Gorgeous!

  5. Tricia: I also like to visit California's perpetual summer during our winter :)

    Shannon: Ooh, are you in Western Montana - that is some gorgeous country!

  6. Of course it's about style :)

    What are these "elements" you discuss?

  7. Garth - The Canadian Shield is very disappointed in you... We will have our revenge when you visit for Christmas - elements? We'll show you elements!