Thursday, December 17, 2009

Less Serious, More Giggles

So after my reflective post of yesterday, I thought we needed to revert to more standard blog fare. I'm working up a series of posts waxing eloquently (not really) upon the things I enjoy about the holiday blitz. We'll start those this weekend, for now - more awesome Twilight spoofage:

Ooh, and big writerly moment. NIGHTSHADE is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Cover still top secret, but that magical pre-order button is there. Plus, it made me giggle that Amazon reminds you that should you order my book, it will not arrive before December 25...


  1. I am SO pre ordering one. And buying one at the store when it comes out... and if you do a book signing on the east coast... let me know!

  2. Yay!! This is SOOO cool. I even clicked the link in your side bar to go look!

  3. Yay, see me click!
    And that video was great (altho none will beat the Buffy/Edward video)

    This made my day!
    It reminds me of the parody we had at work. The live show actors had to perform an act the managers made. I don't remember what they called it (Twifright I think), but every night, from my station, I could hear the show and I giggled in my little corner. It distracted me from how freaking cold it was. o-o
    also, we had a live band perform the entire soundtrack with it. My friend once (very hardcore) had to replace the drummer once and he wasn't very happy haha.

  5. That video was hilarious. I love twilight spoof! Thanks!