Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Vant to Suck Your Blohd

Ah, vampires. How do we love thee? Let me count the ways (70 million copies of Twilight sold...)

Glancing at any bestseller list it seems that the nation has been overtaken by vampire mania. From Twilight to House of Night to Vampire Academy, it's clear that undead is the new black.

I've long been fascinated by vampires. I read Dracula at age 10 and have gobbled up vamp lit and films ever since. But for me the moment of truth came in 1997 when Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered on the WB (remember the WB? Dominion of the teen drama? Dawson's Creek, Felicity, anyone?)

It was love at first bite and I've been faithful. BVS is the best show I've ever seen. My morning ritual is to watch an episode as I eat breakfast, repeat, until I get through all the seasons and then start over again. It never gets old.

But Buffy slays vampires, and this post is about the lords and ladies of the night themselves.

So what is it about vampires that fascinates us? Arguably most of us like the sun, so why would we want to hang out with folks who could never join us at the beach?

The current phenomenon of vampire love, while impressive, is not new. Like werewolves, vampires have a long, diverse history of lore and the current manifestation of vampire types reflects this range of mythology.

I have my own theories, but I'd like to ask you two questions.

1) Why are vampires so popular and enduring?

2) What is the best type of vampire (scary, sparkly, somewhere in between)?

And as a final note, I just have to have a mini squeeeeeeee because of awesome (but super secret) news from Editor Jill today. Will share when able!


  1. I love that South Park. For some reason, perhaps calling himself Vampyre, made me think of one of my favorite Buffy episodes, what I shall call the Andrew Tapings. I'm sure, my fellow Buffy fanatic, you know of what I speak.

    No fair have a squee without us!!!

  2. Ah yes, "gentle viewers" let us hear the tale of "Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyres." Love that episode :)

  3. Man, I love Andrew...remember when he was writing on the dry board and spelled stake
    s-t-e-a-k lol!
    As for the questions, well, I don't know why vampires are so popular/enduring. For me, I'm always interested when seemingly ordinary people who can do extraordinary things. Plus the whole biting on the neck is sexy. And for me, the best type of vamp is the brooding, bad@ss, sexy one who is a little sly and keeps you wondering if he's going to bite you or ravish you! Think True Blood's Eric Northman! Yummers!

  4. Awesome, Karen! The True Blood crew are fine indeed.