Friday, October 2, 2009

Banned Books Week Adieu

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and thoughtful responses during my dedicated week of Banned Books Week posts. Thanks especially to Irene Latham for her wonderful guest blog yesterday (go buy her awesome book, Leaving Gee's Bend!)

A few last words on book bans and challenges. If it wasn't already abundantly clear...ahem, I'm against both. I'm taking a page from Carrie Harris who has a lovely BBW post on her blog today. Bans and challenges are about fear and the burden of replacing fear with understanding falls to us - the authors (and to readers, keep reading and talking about why reading widely and deeply is important!)

And because I love any Muppet-like creatures, I'd like to give the last word to the good folks at


  1. Wonderful video :)
    You did a marvelous job this week. Hats off to you.

  2. Thank you for the compliment! That video is made of awesome. I am torn between laughing at the phone book and cheering out loud.

    Think I'll do both, actually.

  3. Andrea, great job this week!
    Funny note: I'd heard a lot about the muppets but had never actually watched any clips. I'll start checking them out, cool!

  4. Carrie - I almost reposted your Twilight spoof here, it was so funny! Public service announcement re: vampire love :P

  5. Ha...those are not the REAL thing! still cool though =)