Thursday, June 10, 2010

Interview & ARC Giveaway

Apologies in advance that my posts will be intermittent the next couple of weeks - I've hit that point in drafting Bloodrose where it's like a boulder tumbling down a mountain, gaining speed, and I can hardly focus on anything but what's happening there.
Fortunately, the lovely Shelli of Market My Words has posted an interview with me and she's giving away an ARC of Nightshade.

So get on over to her blog and enter the contest :)


  1. Just keep that boulder rolling, cuz if I don't get Bloodrose soon I swear I'm gonna DIE!!!

  2. Great interivew over at Shelli's! Best wishes with your upcoming release!

  3. Lisa - I'm 18 chapters in now!!! Hang on - it will come soon :)

    Sharon - thanks for much for coming by :)