Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ALA: Take 2

Wow! I've been home two days now and I'm still reeling from the awesome that was ALA.I've already blogged about the wonder that was spending time around writer heroes. I also had the joy of meeting more Nightshade fans!

Big shout out to Mitali (Alley of Books), Amy (ReadingTeen), Andy (Reading Teen Too) who spent loads of time chatting in the Penguin booth. I couldn't believe how many people showed up. The line was so long that the actually ran out of Nightshade ARCs! Yikes!

On the one hand I'm so sorry to those of you who waited for an ARC and were unable to get one, on the other hand OMG I can't believe so many people showed up that they ran out!!!

Meeting readers and librarians who are so excited for Nightshade's release was such a gift. Thank you to all the librarians who are bringing Nightshade to their teens and book clubs. Having spent so much of my life in libraries, from summer reading programs as a wee one to my first job in high school, I can't thank you enough for all you do!

In addition to meeting writer heroes I also had the geek-out of the millenium when I showed up at Penguin to find this:
Wow! Darth Vader and Storm Troopers. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!

As you can tell I had a blast. Fingers crossed that they invite me back next year :)


  1. WOW, congrats on having them run out!!! That's super awesome!!! And LOL at Darth Vader!!!! :D Brilliant :D

  2. Oh my, you wore a dress to color coordinate with the cover! That's fantastic. And how thrilling to have so many people you run out of books. Wow!

  3. I know it stinks for the people that did not get books, but that is so awesome that so many people want your book! I know I was excited when I got mine! And I love your pic with Darth Vader! I got mine with him too and I was so stoked!

  4. Thanks guys!

    Tricia - the dress was a total coincidence (it's one of my favorite hot weather dresses cause DC was like a gazillion degrees) but the colors matching worked out very nicely :)

  5. EEK!! That's me!! Thanks for the shout out! I had so much fun and it was absolutely fantastic meeting you!! Did I mention you have awesome hair?

  6. How exciting! I'm dancing my own little happy jig for you, though, I'm doing this mentally because, well, I don't want to look psycho. (I'm in the library!) :)
    Oh, what the hey! *dances in seat*
    Love, Hannah

    P.s. I was a Storm Trooper for Halloween, so I should know that you look fierce in that last picture. :)

  7. Thanks for the pics, looks like a dreamworld for writers/readers.