Saturday, December 26, 2009

Little Victories

We had to move Christmas. The National Weather Service described travel conditions at the time we were meant to head North for the family as 'life-threatening.' No family, no presents. It started as a terrible disappointment. It could have been a disaster.

But sometimes inconveniences, big and small, can bring to light the best parts of life. Instead of gathering at the traditional time in the traditional place, we cobbled together a small dinner for those of us close enough to meet without risky life and limb. Christmas Up North has been rescheduled for next weekend. Our impromptu Christmas dinner was delightful. Today, Boxing Day, we loafed about, tucked under quilts, nibbling leftovers, until it was time to move the cars because of the Snow Emergency.
*This is not us, but we looked very much like this*

Since this latest storm consisted of not only snow, but also ice, the streets have turned into corridors slicker than skating rinks. It took a group effort to get the car moving, but move it did amid laughter, shouts from the open car door (the windows were frozen shut), and celebratory dancing in the street upon success.

Little victories make the world bright and have made my out-of-the-ordinary Christmas a very nice one indeed.


  1. Thank goodness for little victories (much better than minor catastrophes!) May your belated Christmas be grand.

  2. Geez, sounds like you live in the north pole lol. Glad you guys played it safe and still enjoyed your time together.

  3. OMG looks like you guys had your work cut out for you. I live in VA and we just got a whole bunch of snow and since we don't have very many snow plows, the whole city shut down for a little while. I'm glad you guys were still able to have a little fun!

  4. Oh, gosh, I hope you've dug out by now. Glad to hear you were able to enjoy Christmas, despite the weather. Warm wishes for a wonderful 2010!

  5. Thanks guys! Yes, happily dug out, though the streets have turned into nasty ice obstacle courses. Christmas rescheduled for this Saturday!