Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CONTEST!: Top Nine O'Nine

It's three days until 2010 - a year that I am awaiting like no other - and I thought I'd send 2009 out with a bang, contest style.

This is my first (and last, of 2009) CONTEST (many more to come in 2010!) - expect all contests to be quirky - because I love quirks - and here is Andrea's Quirky Contest #1. *Trumpets blare*

The time honored tradition of countdowns easily turns into overkill this time of year, but lists are addictive and it's oh so much fun to review the things you loved about the past year (hopefully glossing over those bits you loathed).

The other great thing about the New Year is predicting what's ahead. Isn't playing fortune-teller always fun?

For this contest I'll be mashing these two ideas together.

Top Nine O'Nine
(aka Andrea's first blog contest)

The contest: Create a 2010 slogan and post it in the comments section below. Slogans can be silly or serious.

Or, a combination: 2010: The Year Polar Bears Strike Back
The best will be clever, cunning, cataclysmic - you get the idea. I encourage wackiness and snarf-worthiness. Enter as many times as you like, though you can only win once. Bonus points for linking to this contest on your blog!

The prize:

Here come the Top Nine. It's been a great, great year for books (but watch out for 2010 - I think it will only get better!). I'll be awarding prizes for Winner, 1st Runner Up, and 2nd Runner Up. Each winner receives 3 books, a trio from my top 9 books of 2009.* The list is below in alphabetical order by author.

Cassandra Clare, City of Glass (Book 3, Mortal Instruments)
Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire (Book 2, Hunger Games)
Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush
Laurie Halse Anderson, Wintergirls
Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Beautiful Creatures
Cynthia Leitich Smith, Eternal
Sarah Rees Brennan, The Demon's Lexicon
Carrie Ryan, The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Maggie Stiefvater, Ballad**

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place may pick one book from this list they're itching to read, and I'll send it to get 2010 off to a fantastic reading start! Go, slogans, go. Deadline: What else? Entries accepted until 11:59 p.m. (CST) December 31.

**New twist: Since I'm loving the entries so much - here's an added incentive. If I reach 110 (because ya' know, it' s the '10 that matters!) blog followers by the end of this contest, each winner will receive 2 books from the list!

*Disclaimer: Ack!! Picking just 9 books was so hard! So many more I long to add - plus, so many just released books I have yet to read...remorse, remorse!!
** I loved Ballad and Shiver, but it didn't seem fair to have both books on the list and I loved Ballad an eency bit more, so it's the book for this list.


  1. 2010 slogan:

    2010, it's the new 1910, except without the lack of computers and the wii... actually, it's pretty much nothing like 1910, but I promise, you'll enjoy it... unless you have a crappy year, then you probably won't enjoy it, in which case I hope you win this slogan contest... which might make me sad since I didn't win... Geez, this is depressing. :P

  2. Hi Andrea :)
    Thank you for the fun contest.
    How about...
    "2010 - The Year of the Pen!"
    Happy Holidays,

  3. Awesome you guys! This is so much fun!

  4. 2010 "The Year The People Rediscovered The Book"

    In an odd turn of events humans and otherworldly things began flocking to bookstores and libraries, large and small, in order to sniff the glue binding and escape reality, only to find out that BOOKS ARE WONDERFUL and they escaped into the words (instead of the glue) by the billions

  5. 2010: The Year of Trouble-- Josh Berk hits bookshelves everywhere! Lol. :)

    Hmmmm, I dont know if thats really as funny tp anyone else it is to me, I guess I shall have to enter again...


  6. Suzy - Here's to that! Dani - It's funny to me :) But you're welcome to enter as many time as you'd like!

  7. 2010: The 1st Decade of the 2nd Generation, or when 10 yr olds attack!

    *that was supposed to be a ten year old with a bat in their hand causing doom and destruction, but I kinda failed miserably!

    Yeah, I'm going to ponder some ideas, but dont worry I shall be back! :)

  8. 2010: The Year Gale and Katniss will be together!

    I mean I wanta love Peeta, but...Gale and Katniss NEED to be together! :)

  9. From Autumn Sandberg (on Facebook):
    two naught one zip:the year to be hot and hip

  10. Dani - Oh, oh, oh! I don't know. I'm so torn...I love them both!!! (I have this same problem in NIGHTSHADE, which all of you will soon see - mwaaaa-haa-haa-haa)

  11. I was going to go with: 2010: The Year of Trouble -- Josh Berk hits bookshelves everywhere.

  12. How about we "Make 2010 the year of Zen" - when everyone learns to just chill out and relax for once.


  13. 2010: 9 Years After the Space Odyssey

  14. 2010: The year I shall uncover the wonders of what exactly Andrea Cremer keeps teasing me about! {your book}


  15. 2010-Hugs not Hags.

    I don't even know what this means...but the word Hag really cracks me up...


    see. it's funny.

    or not.

    Yup. Not great sleep last night.


  16. 2010: The Year of Reading Dangerously

    p.s. cool blog!

  17. 2010: The Year of Indulgence- Books, book, books, and some cupcakes! :)

    *Hahaha I like Nina's slogan!

  18. 2010: The Year We Go Broke (from buying too many books)

    *I dont know about you, but this is for sure going to happen to me:)

  19. 2010: A year to keep Harry Potter in the new decade (And to torture viewers everywhere with the wait between the 2 parts)

    Dani I love your 2010: The Year We Go Broke slogan. It's SO true! I'm already broke from preordering some 2010 books!

  20. 2010: The Year of the Flood of Good Reads

  21. Eek, I think mine's a little long...

    2010,The book biz's best that's ever been
    The year authors are really gonna win
    Making all those readers heads spin
    With Tales of Zombies, Vamps, Angels, and furry kin
    First love, first lust, and MC's showing some skin.
    Ah, 2010, authors pick up those pens!

  22. Ha! These entries are made of awesome :)

  23. Hi Andrea,

    Nothing comes to mind, but with such awesome prizes I need to think of something...

    I yen for 2010.

    How's that? ;)

    I'm sooo excited for your book to come out.

  24. Maybe something along the lines of,

    "2010, when the girls are obsessed with sparkly men, men try to be like Edward Cullen, and when the Nerds out shine them all."

    Don't forget To Be Awesome!

  25. How about:
    2010: It's Gotta Be Better Than 2009.

  26. 2010-the year we succumb to the supernatural phenomenon which breathed life to unforgetable guys


  27. 2010 - the year nonreaders picked up YA books and readers burried themselves alive with YA books

  28. 2010 The Year of the Ultimate Top 10 Lists:
    Top 10 Sparkly Men
    Top 10 Werewolves
    Top 10 Vampires
    Top 10 Bad Ass Angels
    Top 10 Supernatural Abilities
    Top 10 Demons
    Top 10 Demon Hunters
    Top 10 ...
    Need I say more? LOL!

    Wishing everyone all the best in 2010!

  29. Great idea! My critique group and I have dubbed it: "2010: The Year of the YES!" ;-)

    Happy New Year, all!

  30. 2010: The year Nargles infiltrate editorial slush piles. (Um... yeah. Don't ask me where that came from. I'm tired.) Maybe just "The Year of the Nargle". Heh.

    And in an effort to demonstrate that I'm not entirely loopy, another suggestion which says what I truly hope for the world next year:

    2010, The Year of the Peace Pandemic


    shari579 [at] hotmail [dot] com

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  33. 2010 slogan:

    good luck to everyone && hapy holidays && new years :)

    what year is it 2001 2006 2009
    dont pretend you dont know its one oh
    2 0 1 0 :)

  34. 2010: The year the wings overshadow the fangs. Fallen angels, those biblical badboys have come to reclaim hierarchy and snuff the life out of the immortal fanged bloodsuckers! The year of the fallen :D

    Awesome books you have listed. Enter me only if this is open internationally, please!

    Thanks and I hope you have a happy new year!

  35. How about this? 2k10: The year NIGHTSHADE hit #1 on the NYT bestseller list!

    Gonna happen! I'm clairvoyant.

  36. Or, I could steal yours about the SFWC crit partner thing, cuz that one was good too. =)

  37. Or: 2k10--the year NIGHTSHADE was so scorchin' that winter never came.

  38. Ooo! I've got it!

    2k10: The year NIGHTSHADE rocked so hard that the earth left its orbit!