Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let's Take a Moment

So I had these great posts about characterization planned, but then I found out I have an official publication date.

NIGHTSHADE will be in stores OCTOBER 14, 2010!

I went to an awesome show at the Triple Rock Social Club last night, and the music made me full of joyous jumpiness. So here's a snippet to celebrate my release date!

Characters to come tomorrow...


  1. Congrats! on your release. Is your book self-published or do you have a traditional publisher?

    Stephen Tremp

  2. Thanks, Stephen, and welcome! My series is being published by Philomel (Penguin Young Readers).

  3. Whoo hoo!! Release date! Happy dance time!!

  4. Hooray! How great to have this date to look forward to!

    By the way, everytime I see your Quirky Girl, I remember the PBS show, Msytery.

  5. Contrats! How awesome to have a publishing date! I hope you're celebrating tonight!

  6. Squeeeee!!! And that's my daughter's birthday! How funny!

    NYT best seller list, here you come!