Monday, November 2, 2009

Good Luck & Godspeed, or Why I'm Not Doing NaNo

I've been feeling a little left out. All my bloggerly friends are embarking on the month-long writing frenzy that is NaNoWritMo.

One More Day

I love the idea of NaNo and maybe if I were more of a planner I could make it work for me. But my writing is like a fever that grips me and doesn't let get. I can't really plan for it. (Except for copy edits, I've now learned that I can plan for copy edits. Thank goodness.)

I'm also nearly finished with WOLFSBANE (Nightshade Book 2) and will need to keep my focus on revision of that beast and getting it into the hands of my lovely critters.

But I'm feeling a little lonely, wishing I could be in the NaNo frenzy that has gripped the writing work for this newborn month of November. I'll follow fellow authors' progress with interest and cheer them on from the sidelines.

Maybe next year.

Speaking of NaNo folks who I admire, thanks so much to Carrie Harris for the honorable mention in her Twilight + Classic title mashup contest!! Carrie's contests are a blast, I'd highly recommend perusing the entries and entering yourself in the next round.


  1. I NaNoed twice, and while it did produce material, I couldn't WriMo enough-o. It's tough to mix with working and family and life!

  2. Carrie's mashup is hilarious. Loved yours!
    I entered NaNo for the very reason you mention--I felt left out by all the pre-chatter. So this is my first time and I haven't clue what will happen. But a challenge is never a bad thing to tackle.

  3. Well you can always join me ina few weeks at the xmas tea I'm hosting. That writing month is getting a lot of traction, isn't it?

  4. I'm not doing NaNo either, Andrea. It came up too fast with not enough time to plan and I have too much on my plate at present. But no copy edits to tackle. I'd much rather have copy edits to plan for. Maybe next year. For NaNo, that is. Well...maybe I'll have copy edits to do then too. As Annie Dilliard said, "We only ever hit what we aim at."

  5. ashamedly, i'm a nano lurker. as in, i write on the peripheral, but since i know my november schedule is the busiest of the year, i don't officially sign up. :)

    experiencing nano envy...just because the frenzy sounds like good, clean fun!!