Monday, October 5, 2009

Umm, Not a Democracy

Thank you so much for the votes and lovely comments. I was grinning all weekend as I read responses to the photo poll.

Photo #3 was the winner, with #2 and #5 close behind. Thanks to all you dark horse #4 voters - I love number 4!

Despite the fact that in a pure-vote world #3 would be the photo; other factors intervene to make #5 the official jacket photo. *Cries of protest erupt from the #3 galleries: 'Why? Why?' While photo 5 voters cheer*
The reason being NIGHTSHADE has some...ahem...dark content, and my editor and I decided that the swing set didn't quite reflect the book's themes.

However, all of the photos will appear on my web site. Everybody wins!

Thanks again for all your support and enthusiasm. You guys are fantastic :)


  1. Good choice. Though the snarling wolf attacking the reader choice would have been bold too.

  2. Yes - that may be book two's jacket photo! :)

  3. As a #5 fan, all I can say is, YAY!