Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'd Like to Thank...

Brief interlude from Banned Books Week - I just received a prompt from Editor Jill that I need to send her my dedication and acknowledgments so they can be included in the ARCs.

I had to read that email several times before I could process it because it had dedication, acknowledgments and ARCs in it (and also something about how I wanted my name to appear on the cover).

Reality just smashed through my window to stand grinning me before me holding two dozen roses.

How can this really be happening!!!!

I don't know if other writers are like this, but the acknowledgments and dedication are something I've day dreamed about over and over. Now that I have to write them I'm terrified that I'll forget someone - I am so indebted to so many people. Family, friends, teachers, strangers who did funny things that gave me scene ideas... I love you all and THANK YOU!

As to the dedication, that is tip top secret and no one will know until the ARCs materialize.


  1. congratulations, you soon-to-be-famous person you! :D



  2. Oh yeah, sprinkle those rose petals all around you, revel in this moment. You earned it. Woo-hoo!!! *guitar fade*

  3. Now you get my first ever *squee!!!* (did I spell it right?)

  4. Thank you so much, everyone! Suzanne I squee with you :) :)

  5. That's so great, Andrea. Congrats! You deserve this and more. Loving your blog btw.

  6. You got roses? Geez....how cool is that? Yes, I have imagined my acknowledgments and dedication, who I would thank keeping brevity in mind, I mean I've seen acknowledgments that go on and on and then some authors (the more established) who don't have any. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. The horse was barely birthed, teetering on wobbly legs.