Friday, March 20, 2009

Turning of the Tide (of Light)

Posting from Chicago where I was happy to catch a glimpse of Lake Michigan. Unlike Superior (my home lake), Michigan often takes on that Caribbean aqua shade, which strikes discordant against the still-barren March landscape.

Gave a paper at the Newberry; am now wrapped in terry bathrobe at hotel. Our bathtub at home is sadly lacking in tubworthiness, so I take advantage of long soaks in deep bathtubs when I travel. This is my second bath since arriving in Chicago. Relaxed, warm, and happy (sigh).

In case you didn't notice, it's the spring equinox (Oestara for any would-be pagans out there). Welcome to the rising light side of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Oestara is the reason that bunnies, chicks, and eggs appear in time for Easter (if you're noticing a similarity in the words that's no coincidence). In the same way of Christmas trees, pagan symbols of fertility and rebirth were incorporated into Christendom as a type of syncretism meant to win over converts by drawing together old and new holidays.

The Puritans wouldn't celebrate Christmas because they thought it was much too pagan to be a Christian holiday. They were pretty down on May Pole dancing too. Go figure.

I'll be enjoying the lengthening twilight and waiting for the trees to leaf out into that dazzling, fresh green that only appears when their tiny curls first unfold.


  1. That green really is one of the most special and wonderful colors in the world...