Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Quality of Light

I anticipate this time of the year like no other, and it's not just because we're now within a month of Nightshade's release date. It feels not unlike fate that my debut novel will be published at the heart of autumn, my favorite season and the one in which I feel the most myself.

I couldn't imagine living in a part of the world where the seasons didn't change. There's an energy to the shift that never fails to fill me with wonder. One of my favorite characteristics of autumn is the way light changes.

Spring's light sparkles, like dew on newly sprouted leaves. It's full of promise and makes me giddy. Summer's light is pure power - it warms you up and exhausts you at the same time. But autumn's light is subtle. It slides through leaves, rolling over them, seeming to almost paint them with the waning sun's very shades of gold and rust. It gleams and lingers. Walking in my neighborhood, surrounded by autumn's glow I experience profound contentment. I hardly know how to describe it, only that it makes me feel a rightness with the world unlike any other.

Today is Mabon, the autumnal equinox. The light will slip slowly into darkness from now until the Winter Solstice, reminding us of life's mysteries and the hidden workings of the spirit world. May the magic of this season bring you wisdom and joy.


  1. I love this time of year, too. It's (almost) Balloon Fiesta time here in Albuquerque, mornings are cool, and the smell of roasting green chile floats through the air. Bliss!

  2. I love Mabon. I love Samhain/Halloween even more, but Mabon is the jam. Fall is my absolute favorite season ever...even though the weather hasn't seem to have gotten the memo yet...*Glares at 95 degree weather and scowls.*

  3. It is really wonderful that it is not as hot anymore and the light of the sun doesn't burn you like during the summer. I live in Greece and the exhaustion that you mention in the summer: That's totally me! lol

  4. I love seasons... Autumn being my favorite, the color of the trees, the brisk cool air, the Texas Renassiance Festival in town, oh how I love the fall. October is my wedding anniversary and my husbands birthday on Halloween... SO FUN!