Thursday, March 1, 2012

RIFT Cover Reveal

I can't believe it's March! Thanks to everyone who came to the Breathless Reads tour; it was an amazing experience and I had so much fun meeting readers across the country.

Exciting news today: has the exclusive cover reveal for your next Nightshade adventure: RIFT, the first of two prequels, will be in stores August 7.

Check out the cover and interview!


  1. I can't wait, August won't get here soon enough! I love the cover!

  2. Love the Rift cover, I can't wait for August :D

  3. Great cover! Ember looks fierce, like the circular blades :-)

    Safari Poet

  4. oMG I can not wait till it comes out!!!! I love these books!!!Y do we have to wait?? I am gonna cont down the days lo!!!

  5. When are You going to make a Movie? Please reply... :D

  6. I like how you blend history seamlessly into your work and I think it's interesting that you decided to work backwards into prequel territory. You're a true study in how one idea, scene, or memory in the hands of a storyteller can be expounded upon limitlessly.

  7. Hi Andrea,

    I'm just trying to get Treachery off Amazon and it says pricing not available?? I clicked on it and got a sneak page read then clicked to buy, and I'm not getting anywhere?? Is it still available on amazon?



    1. Hi Michelle,

      You're in Australia, right? I think there's an issue with overseas rights and Treachery. I'm checking into it.


      I would love to see Nightshade become a movie - but that's up to Hollywood. Keep your fingers crossed that it happens :)

    2. I was so excited that you wrote me back!!! I wanted to no if there was going to be a movie because I have been wanting to be come an actress and would dream of trying out for a movie:)
      thanks so much Andrea

    3. But I will keep my fingers crossed hoping to see Nightshade the movie one day hopefully soon!
      Good Luck!

  8. Ohmigosh! I'm so excited! I can't wait for it to come out in August! It can't come out soon enough...And I agree. The Nighshade Series and all would make an awesome bunch of movies.

  9. I love the Nightshade books:)What was your inspiration for the Nightshade series? Are you team shay or team ren?