Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Though the summer lasted well into October - an aberration this far north - fall has finally, and suddenly arrived. When I wake what's left of the dry grass sparkles with light frost. The wind has a bite to it.
And the dark has come.

No longer do I wake to the sun, but instead must force myself out of warm blankets and into the day. My body wants to remain curled, conserving energy, instinctively wanting to protect itself against the oncoming winter.

While Minnesota winters usually last long enough to make one's bones ache, I still enjoy the shifting seasons. My body's reactions to cooling temperatures and brief daylight reminds me that I'm connected to the earth and its cycles.

As Samhain (Halloween) approaches it reminds me to prepare for the dark and the cold. To contemplate and act with measure.

Last Sunday I planted bulbs that in the spring, I hope, will offer beautiful blossoms. Even as winter approaches, the hope of spring and returning warmth remain present.
Wishing you a blessed autumn.


  1. Thank you. I like this. Having just planted a mess of garlic, I appreciate this.

  2. This is why I don't like winters in Minnesota. They are so cold. And they last too long.We can only hope for summer.

  3. That first picture is one of the reasons I love autumn. The colours :-)

  4. I think your an amazing author. You inspire me to write.

  5. When every word you write has the scent of Hyacinth, who needs winter blossums? I'm wishing you all the best with Bloodrose, Andrea.
    Hoping to get my hands on it for a review in January.