Sunday, May 1, 2011

May! Winner!

May has arrived! I hope your day is full of flowers, dancing, and joy. After all the amazing comments and Buffy love I think I'll be watching Buffy episodes all day.

And now - winner of the WOLFSBANE ARC:

I was a bit tricky because for quote 5: "Bored now." I was specifically looking for Vampire/Evil/Doppelganger/Alternate/Dark Willow rather than just Willow. But fourteen of you saw into my nefarious brain! Good job!

The winner is: Rayshelle!


And since season 6 of another favorite show, Doctor Who, has just begun let's celebrate with the best of both worlds:

Thanks to everyone who entered and keep watching for more contests before WOLFSBANE hits stores on July 26!


  1. Please excuse me while I die! =O ...ok, now that I have been revived, thank you so much! =D I really may run around my house screaming in excitement until Wolfsbane gets here. After reading Nightshade, I can only imagine the intense and exiting scenario that your talented brain developed.

  2. Congrats Raychelle!!!!! Dont run with scissors! And careful not to trip =)