Monday, January 3, 2011


It's the first Monday in January, which makes me want to run around shrieking and pulling at my hair. Why? Because now all that "I don't really have to get anything done - it's the holidays!" mantra has vanished and reality has come crashing through the door.

Does anyone else feel this way?

I'm approaching the 'real' New Year with excitement and trepidation. I see lots of good things on the horizon, but I'm also wary of the plate spinning I'll be doing to balance writing, teaching, and life.

That's where my 2011 resolution comes in, I'm talking about the big one here. There are also little ones about exercise and meditation, etc. but the big one is this:

I resolve to work with passion and then let it go.

2010 was an amazing year, but it also involved a lot of hand-wringing on my part. Too many questions, all of the what if followed by a negative thought variety, kept me from savoring the journey as much as I could have.

In 2011 I'm working hard to focus on doing what I love and letting the universe do what it will what that effort. I want to spend less time on self-doubt and anxiety and more time observing the joys that grace my life and being thankful for them.

Given that I'm an intensely self-critical, quasi-obsessive perfectionist this will not be an easy task. And yet, I am resolved!!

What are your resolutions for the New Year?


  1. This is such a great resolution! As a fellow "intensely self-critical, quasi-obsessive perfectionist" I will aim to follow suit on this one. Blessings and relaxation to you this new year!

  2. To be honest, I don't make resolutions. The fear of breaking them stops me. My life goal is to try and be positive no matter what.

  3. It's funny how quickly the New Year honeymoon wears off!!

    My resolution is to keep writing, even when I am discouraged and convinced my only audience is my husband. No one ever achieved their dream by giving up. It's just easier said than done!

  4. Andrea, that is the BEST resolution I have ever heard. Trumps 'lose weight' and 'quit smoking' any day.
    I generally don't make resolutions, but this is so good, and so applicable, that I'm making an exception. I wonder how many people are going to adopt your resolution?

  5. Thanks so much you guys! Gina - when I started writing my only audience was my family, but their love, support, and cheers were essential to keep me going until I found an agent :)

    Liza - I hope we can all find peace of mind and joy of spirit, I'm happy to share this resolution with everyone!!

  6. If you find the secret of overcoming self doubt and worry let me know, I been trying to overcome that for years.

    As for my resolution, I am going to try and quit smoking- so far unsuccessful at it but I am gonna keep at it.