Sunday, October 17, 2010

Awesome Austin

I've ended up with an extra day in Austin due to an electrical failure on the plane I was supposed to take home. With this additional time on my hands I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on the fabulous that is the Texas Book Festival.

It's my first time in Austin and I must say: cool town. Lots of interesting people, amazing art, and great places to go. There's obviously tons going on all the time.

Including Santas on Segways (there was a huge line of them, and they had elves!)

After I took this Santa's pic, he gave me a candy cane :) (I'm not kidding. He really gave me a candy cane)

The Texas Book Festival has been great. It's wonderful seeing the downtown full of literary-minded folks. I was lucky to hang out with Heather Brewer and Kirsten Miller. Our panel was standing room only! And the signing afterward was a blast.

Then we had the Zombies vs. Unicorns panel. Usually I consider myself Team Unicorn, but we were assigned our teams upon arrival and last night I made an appearance on behalf of Team Zombie. And we rocked. Though Team Unicorn "won" I think it was just 'cause of Meg Cabot's sparkly cardigan - it was a bewitching cardigan.

I was very proud of Team Zombie. We made beautiful art together. Thanks to Heather Brewer's uber-minions for taking a photo! I composed and performed a haiku for my part:

Putrid flesh is vile
but none can match the force of
Eternal hunger

Since I didn't know which team I was going to be on I also had a Team Unicorn haiku ready to go, to which you guys get exclusive access

Steed, ever untamed
Crowned with a weapon, deadly spire
To pierce hearts or win them

Clearly I will take any opportunity to write paranormal haiku.

It's been a wonderful trip, despite airplane failure, and it was amazing to talk with so many readers. Thank you to everyone who came out and to the wonderful volunteers who made the festival run smoothly.

Oh, and Nightshade is in stores in 48 HOURS!!!!


  1. It was so great meeting you and I can't wait to read Nightshade!

  2. It was so much fun FINALLY meeting you and visiting with you yesterday. Nightshade is gorgeous and I can't wait to sit down and re-read it again.

  3. It was great to get to meet you and chat a little bit. Next time I want to talk history, though, because I love that, too. ;)

    I'm so happy to finally have Nightshade in hand.

    Chelsea / Vampire Book Club

  4. Awe. I was totally hopping to make it to this, but it didn't happen.

    I'm glad you had fun!

  5. It was cool to get to briefly meet you even though I was so mad I arrived too late at your talk to actually get to see you all discuss your books!