Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Winner and Chapter 1

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the 300 followers contest :)

The winner, selected by the Randomizer, is Anya!!!

Congrats Anya - send your mailing address to andreacremerwrites (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll send your ARC and swag :)

Keep watching for future contests. Until then I have a prize for everyone - you can read the first chapter of Nightshade at Amazon!
Click here to read!


  1. My only complaint is that there isn't a chapter 2! Goodness, I can't wait till October!
    Love, Hannah

  2. Congrats Anya! Hope you enjoy it :). I loved the chapter too. Can't wait until October!

    Another story that will hopefully amuse you:

    Whilst reading that chapter, my mum came over and started reading over my shoulder (this is why I need a laptop). She'd forgotten what Nightshade was so I had to re-explain it to her. Then she said, "Listen, I'll get you this book when it's out if you get your hair cut. It's too long. I can see the split-ends. And we'll see if we can get you some of those highlights too."

    I almost cried :P. (Hopefully she'll forget by next week.)

    Liz. R

  3. Thanks soo much andrea!! I emailed you only today cause I am on vacation right now :)