Tuesday, March 30, 2010


If I'm posting less often of late it's because I'm consumed by BLOODROSE (Nightshade #3). This story has captured my heart and mind, leaving me useless for pretty much all other tasks.

An example: when I took a shower the other day, amid musings about the plot, I got into the shower and pretty much just got out again. It wasn't until I was dressed and writing again that I realized hadn't done ANYTHING. My hair wasn't washed, I really hadn't gotten clean. I had just stepped in, stood in the water for a minute, and stepped out again. No conscious thinking here - it just happened.

This point at writing is when I throw dirty clothes into the trash, pour orange juice on my cereal, lose track of everything that isn't the story.

But it's hands down my favorite part of writing. I step out of this world to sojourn in another.

It may be frustrating to everyone around me (sorry hubby, I love you!), but for me it's utter bliss. Even if I have to munch on orange juice flavored cereal once in a while.

Since I'm in and out with the posts till the first draft is done, here's the BLOODROSE theme song that kicks off this novel's playlist.


  1. That total absorption is the joy of writing. There is nothing like it or nothing I'd rather do. You probably didn't need to really wash your hair. They say we Americans wash our hair too often.

  2. w00t!! We're getting a third book in the series? How many books will there be? ( Please say a lot)
    This series is so exciting!! Can't wait till Oct ~jumps up and down~

    btw...that song is perfect, it went right through me! Chills!


  3. *grins* Too funny. Too true. Enjoy the other world.

  4. Bella - NIGHTSHADE is a trilogy and there will also be a fourth book that is a prequel. The possibility for more books in the future definitely exists, but four is the number I'm signed on for with Penguin as of this moment :)

  5. Oh my! this song is seriously floating all around the blogosphere in the last 24 hours! You are the fifth blog that I have seen this youtube video on. I had to stop yesterday to listen & again from yours today...it is eerie and beautiful! Love it.

    I love the point in writing where I am consumed by my characters! Today's technology actually helps me appear normal when I talk out loud! (I mean who hasn't been confused by the woman next to you who appears to be talking to the empty air when really it is a bluetooth in her ear!) Yay, Bluetooth makes us seem less crazy! lol

    Keep filling that bowl with orange juice! ;o)

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  6. LOL... I've had moments like that. Scary thing is, when I'm absent minded and I take insulin, or think I took insulin and then wonder if I did and how much. Can be dangerous :P

    It's totally understandable though, being amidst a project of that caliber. I'm excited for you and the journey you've begun. Don't forget us little guys on the way to the stars.

  7. Love the story!
    That happened to me once also. Only in my case, I had no fabulous story that I was caught up in, nor was I saving the world. I was just brian dead for a second. :)
    Love, Hannah

  8. Thanks for the votes of confidence you guys - it's nice to know I'm not alone. Though, Void, I really hope you don't miss or take too much insulin! I'm lucky that I don't have a health-connected activity to remember.