Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's All This Writing About?

I'm getting a lot of questions about the book, so here's a basic overview.

Title: A Fine, Feathered Fate

Genre: Teen Fantasy

Synopsis: Eliza can't face another day working on her family's farm. She's tired of smelling like manure and pulling straw from her tangled hair when she goes to bed at night. Even as she plots her escape whilst gathering eggs in the hen hutch, Eliza reaches under a clucking chicken and pulls out an egg that is...hollow.

Not only does this egg lack a scrumptious yolk, but its tiny golden latch springs open to reveal a tightly curled note that reads: Wait.

Day by day Eliza returns to the hen hutch to find more and more notes tucked within hollow eggs. She can't bear to leave the farm without unraveling the mystery of each message. Where are the hollow eggs coming from? Who is writing the notes?

The chickens seem pretty normal (and illiterate) except for the rooster, who has taken to following Eliza everywhere she goes on the farm. He's always crowed by Eliza's window at dawn, and his eyes sparkle with intelligence uncharacteristic of vapid chickendom. What could the rooster's strange behavior mean? Is he really a rooster at all? A villain? Prince charming trapped in a feathered, beaked body? Can Eliza save them both from a life of monotonous plowing, planting, and commercial farm production?

The world may never know.

Happy April Fools.

Seriously now, since my novel is with an agent and about to be submitted I can't post about it. When I'm able I will and hope to share lots of good news with all of you.

It's snowing in Minneapolis today - an April Fool's joke from Mother Nature that seems to be repeated in Minnesota every year.


  1. Thats really too bad that this post is April Fools. It was actually intriguing. But hey, if this is the quality of what you write, I am going to keep my eyes peeled for more. Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Eric! As I was writing it and laughing out loud it did give me pause to think - hey this would be a hilarious story to write. Who knows maybe there's a future MG somewhere down the road?

  3. Well, I can tell you that I had a similar experience recently. I started writing a post on my blog (just trying to get the writer's juices flowing), and it ended up being a really good beginning. I have in fact decided to keep it in mind for a future project. So who knows, maybe this one will be your next project?

  4. This would be a great children's story.

  5. I've been blinded by pure awesomeness! hahaha