Monday, January 26, 2009


Sigh. The semester begins.

We had an unusually long break this year and I still haven't decided if it has added anguish or relief to my view of the ever-looming schedule ahead.

I am one of those folks who manages to sign on for far too many projects. In addition to attending my first writers' conference (SF here I come!), I'm giving papers at the Newberry, the OAH, at my home institution, and at NAISA. Wow.

Fall resembled this manic bundle of activities and I survived. I will survive again.

Teaching will be helpful. My students are a balm to every slight that academia has rubbed raw. In case any of them ever stumble across this post. Hey there. Thanks. You are extraordinary, yes you heard me. Extraordinary.

Onward. Onward I go.

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