Sunday, May 16, 2010

Name the Band Winner!

Guilt forced me to clue Nev in to this contest, so I confessed and decided he should be the one to pick a winner. Here's the transcript of how that went.

Nev sits across from me, slouched in his chair. He looks slightly puzzled, a little curious, but mostly wary. Wary Guardians are not great company. I try to focus on not dropping my coffee cup as I explain the contest.

Me: *clears throat* So...uh..will you do it?

Nev: Let me get this straight. You want the band to have a name?

Me: No, no, no. I just thought it would be fun to have a contest to think up names.

Nev: *eyes run over the list I've given him* This isn't a trick? When I pick one you aren't going to make me keep it?

Me: No.

Nev: 'Cause I don't do band names.

Me: I know.

Nev: And the other guys would be pissed if they thought I'd signed on for some name without asking them.

Me: I know none of you guys are "name" people, but it's just for fun.

Nev: *watches me for a minute*

Me: *beginning to sweat* I promise.

Nev: *leans back in chair, flips guitar pick along the backs of his fingers* Okay, then.

Me: *tries to keep relieved breath quiet* *watches as Nev reads, tries to gauge some reaction* *curses self for writing a character so good at cloaking his emotions*

Nev: *smiles...maybe?* I like this one. Fighting Nuns.

Me: I thought you might.

Nev: It's a good image. I'm sure nuns have a lot of pent up rage. In a fight, my money would be on the nun.

Me: *nods*

Nev: Feral Daze is good too. Like if Hendrix had a wolf band.

Me: *laughs*

Nev: *gives me a stony gaze*

Me: *swallows all future laughs*

Nev: I could also go for Echo in the Blood. *hands list back to me*

Me: So those are your picks? Fighting Nuns, Feral Daze, and Echo in the Blood?

Nev: Yep. Can I go now? I'm late.

Me: *raises brow* Late for what?

Nev: *half smile, sits silently*

Me: *realizes after 30 seconds that I will never win a staring contest with Nev* Okay then, thanks for stopping by.

Nev: *already out of his chair* See ya, writer lady.

Me: *cannot decide if it's good or not that Nev has nicknamed me 'writer lady.'

Now for the drawing:

The three contenders are:

Jami - Fighting Nuns
Lindsay - Echo in the Blood
Jemmafey - Feral Daze

And the Randomizer picks:


Congrats, Jemma :) Send your mailing address to and I'll mail you The REPLACEMENT!!

Thanks so much for all the great entries!!!


  1. Congrats Jemmafey! And thanks for the laugh Andrea! Nev sounds pretty awesome. :)

  2. Thanks, Jami. Nev is very awesome, if hard to pin down :)

  3. Ha! That made me laugh. Congrats to Jemmafey!

    (For the record, my money would also be on the nun.)

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  5. Is it weird that I'm already crushing on Nev? :P
    Awesome entries!
    Love, Hannah

  6. *giggles* Ah, this post made my day. I love when writers chat with their characters. (My characters don't call me 'writer lady,' though. I wish they were that nice. They usually call me the Crazy One.)

    Anyway, I liked this contest bunches, so I look forward to seeing what other creative contests you'll have in store for us in the coming months. :)

  7. well, i was close. and i usually suck at titles and names, too. it took 6 months to come up with a title for my current WIP. :)