Thursday, May 20, 2010

Climbing into Bed

It doesn't take much to entertain me, so I was giddy and giggly at this
it's my bed at the hotel I'm staying at in Milwaukee. It has stairs.

The hotel is lovely. The bed is gigantic - the mattress hits at my waist and I'm 5'5", meaning either the stairs or a running start are indeed necessary to make it up there. I find this endlessly hilarious for some reason.

So I've made it back to the central time zone after a brilliant evening in San Francisco, where I visited Union Square.
And had gorgeous weather.

Then it was on to Denver. Where I had a blast, but not enough time to take pictures. Except of this watchful fellow in the Denver airport, which struck me as quite Nightshade appropriate.

Now I've returned to my home territory. Even though I'm from Wisconsin this is my first visit to Milwaukee. I have already learned that the world's largest bell resides here. Apparently it is larger than Big Ben. Go Sconnies! We have a big bell.

Yes I've been traveling for four days...I may or may not be a bit looped at this point.


  1. Glad your trip is going well! Sorry I missed you in SF. Next time =)

  2. My dad and his wife have a guest bed that requires stairs. I almost had a disaster starting to step out half asleep, forgetting I was sky-high. But it does have a kind of princess feeling to it, doesn't it? I'm so glad your tour has been so smashing.

  3. Lisa - I would have called if I'd been there for any longer than a few hours!

    Tricia - I already am anticipating falling out of the bed and just hope I do not injure myself too badly.

  4. That bed is sweet...wonder why they made a bed that you have to climb into literally...what if you roll over in the middle of the night and fall out, that will be a long fall. I like the heart and the "watchful friend" though. All of these photo updates of your travels have been fun to watch.

  5. Thanks :) I hope I don't fall out. Will let you know tomorrow a.m.!!

  6. Oh, I love it when people document their fun!
    And I can assure you that pretty much everyone reading this post also probably finds the ridiculously large bed funny. :)
    Love, Hannah