Thursday, May 27, 2010

BEA: Day 3

Day 3 was really full and will take up a few posts.

But let's start with the morning. I snapped a few pictures of my favorite BEA objects

the Penguin mini

the giant Abrams typewriter

and the Vlad Tod steps!

Then it was on to the signing. Thanks to Editor Jill and Publicist Sarah for shuttling me around and getting everything set

Thanks to Agent Richard for cheering me on and letting me get him to pose with giant Nightshade. I am officially obsessed with giant Nightshade.
And a HUGE thanks to all the lovely BEA goers who came to say hello!

Signing was fun

I signed 150 books in 50 minutes - there was a line! Amazing!

But my hand didn't cramp up
And it was pretty much a hoot and a half :) Thanks, Jill Bailey, for the fabulous purple Sharpie - the perfect Nightshade signing implement!

I'll be posting more about BEA after I've had a chance to catch my breath. Also coming soon: I visit an aircraft carrier (yes for real) and do trapeze without dying (also for real).


  1. AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing all of this. I'll bet the signing was surreal! Can't wait to do that some day ;)

  2. Glad I already have my signed Nightshade! Althought, I'd gladly stand in line for you, dear. Dying to hear about this trapeze thing...

  3. A line! A line! I may faint, I'm so excited for you. And, yeah, is there any way you can snag the giant Nightshade?

  4. Sorry I missed your signing! I was only there on Wednesday. I did grab a copy of Nightshade and I'll be giving it away on my blog next week! :)

  5. Ooh, pictures!
    Though all are awesome, the two that I especially love are the Vlad Tod steps and the one snapped with the huge tower of NIGHTSHADE ARC's!
    I'm glad you had such a great time!
    Love, Hannah

  6. Awesome Photos!!!

    I love the car :)

    and the stairs :)!!!

  7. Just want to say that seeing these pictures made me miss BEA like crazy. Glad you had fun at your signing, and I'm sorry I missed you! :(