Monday, March 29, 2010


My awesome editor, Jill, sent me a surprise package in the mail. The REAL ACTUAL WILL-BE-ON-THE-HARDCOVER jackets for NIGHTSHADE!

Here is the front:
Here is the jacket on a real (though not NIGHTSHADE, obviously) hardcover book. I hadn't given much thought to all the different shapes and sizes books come in until I tried to find a book that was the right size for this jacket. It took at least half a dozen tries 'til I got the right fit!!
Here is the back jacket on a real book:I'm so thrilled! They are beautiful. I keep holding them up to different light to see the way the colors change.

Can't wait until October!!!!

Remember still two days left to enter the Paranormal Haiku contest and win a signed ARC!


  1. Omg that's gorgeous! Congratulations--soo cool! :D

  2. Wow wow WOW! I'm thrilled for you! Looking forward to reading your book :)

  3. So beautiful and alluring! Hey, I've been away, must check paranormal haiku contest *runs*

  4. Whoa. *mouth hangs open*
    God must really love you considering you have one of the prettiest covers I have ever seen!
    Love, Hannah S.

  5. This is sort of random, but I also love how none of those annoying word verification thingies pop up while commenting on your blog. Sorry, I just had too mention that!
    Love, Hannah

  6. Hannah - You are so sweet! And, yeah, I took off the word verification because it was giving commenters trouble and I love to see comments :)

  7. I'm grinning from ear to ear at all the lovely comments!

  8. Is this the moment it all feels real, or has that happened before now???

  9. Caroline - I go back and forth. Some days it feels very real, others I'm still convinced I'm dreaming!

  10. It is beautiful. I like the way the colors on the back complement the front. And I like what they did with the T in the title.

    Very very nice.

  11. I swear, that is the prettiest cover I ever did see!!

  12. Thanks bella :)

    Yvonne - The "t" in the title is important in the book...